Friday, December 5, 2008

drop cloths

Good morning. I have been away with the family- to Maine for Thanksgiving. Beautiful as always, not as cold as it is here and the lobster's were mighty fine. Every time I go, I am on a see food diet- which consists of seafood and chocolate. There are too many wonderful shops with far too many chocolate makers, like pushers- the smells coming from those shops seem to say, "Here kid, try this...go ahead it won't hurt you, there's more where this came from." I am hooked, a chocolate junkie- jonesin' for the Peruvian lady's urchins made with homemade caramel, dark chocolate and walnuts.
We arrived home to a mess, still- in the remodeling project going on here. Drop cloths cover all the furniture and plaster dust covers all the drop cloths...and the computer, and the cups and saucers, silverware...everything!!! And there's this little annoying varmint named Etta who seemingly loves chaos, her puppy printed plaster dusted paw marks are everywhere.
To top it all off, I hurt my shoulder. I have been winged by bustling through airports with luggage swung over my shoulder, to many close calls of getting to the proper gate on time, and someone pulling on one of my bags attached to my shoulder, and bam...out of the socket the shoulder is meant to be snugly fixed into. Nothing major, but just enough to be a lefty for a few days. And this typing isn't working out for me either, so...I'll end and perhaps in a few days I'll be back with some adventurous tale. Like the lady I met on the plane from Maine...kindred spirits I think. Anyway- have a good one, be well.
Take care-


bam said...

dear darling, that photo is drop dead magnificent. wholly captures the spirit and mood and beauty of your middle of america slice of heaven. you made me hungry yes you did, those peruvian clusters. oh my. i love that you lobstered for thanksgiving. what is it up there? my beloved brother in portland had plans to do the same, but ended up just noshing on little things all day, in lieu of lobster or sorry for the mess. i know from mess. sending love from my achy shoulder to your dislocated one. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Jayne said...

Ouch. Hope the shoulder feels better soon and that the remodel goes smoothly. Take care of you.

troutbirder said...

Welcome back Ouch. Sorry to hear. I've had an achey should since the pooch and I collided last summer. The thought of lobster and chocholate is way goood!