Thursday, October 30, 2008

empty chairs

I watched a beautiful film a few nights ago...Broken Wings- by Nir Bergman. This is a little different, isn't it? I don't believe I've ever written a film review, but this one deserves a head's up.

It is a story about a family, an Israeli family- who, because of a tragedy lead a life of despair. All struggling, all doing their level best, all disconnected. The mother works and works and works some more, but to no avail. Her children feel deserted by her, her oldest daughter carries the weight of a mother, the eldest son loses his grip on reality, the youngest child- another daughter, cannot grow. And the youngest son is so angry- that he completely closes off. There are very few other characters focused on during the film, which seemingly represents a ghost like state even more so for this family. In and out of the day they go...further and further away from one another and life itself. "If it weren't for bad luck, they'd have no luck at all..." But an amazing thing happens. It has to do with a pool, a dive and... no water.

If this film does not fill you up with empathy, with hope for this family- well...check your pulse buddy. It doesn't have a "happy" ending, but truly...are there any endings in life that are happy? I won't spoil it, the ending...I'll just say it is a testament to bonds that cannot ever be broken.

Watch the film, but I'll warn is subtitled. Now don't be a enriched by this film. I give it five stars. For truth, for reality, for virtue- for making me feel comforted, in a way- by the love undeniably left flickering in the pitch black cave of their grief. (That word alone turns most people off, but...there is a lesson in this film that many of us miss- even a life with tiny bathrooms and night shifts and empty chairs- is still precious.)

Should you take my recommendation, let me know what you think. Take care-

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Young Pioneers

Speaking of the future in past posts, I thought it a good time to speak of my favorite future pioneers-my children and some of their accomplices. Now make sure you caught that last word- not accomplishments, but accomplices. Never will you hear me speak of my children as in perfection. After all...poor kids- look who their role model is.

First we have Emma, I haven't shed much light on that major source of light in my life. She no longer lives at home and isn't all that impressed by me exposing her personal history. But, I'm just going to take a shot here, knock down her walls a bit by writing about her. My eldest daughter is boisterous, loving, laughing, livid, lovely and crazy. Matter of fact- she herself says she has a "black belt in crazy." She is the kind of person that would bring life into a room , everyone present would be wondering if there had been a power surge- the room would remain lit up, even after her exit. It is hard to write about this dear, she is constantly evolving...hard to describe. Emma is a rush. Never a trickle but a full cascade. Bigger than life, this one. Imagine her journeys...

And now, drum roll please...Mathew. My son, my big, big boy. He wandered in today to show me his two new lip piercings. AAAARRRRGGGGHHH! And yet...whatever. It's your face what you want. My only negative comment was-"Are you sure that is employable?!" But...he also looked pretty trendy in a hip sort of way. He thought so too, and felt pretty cute about the whole thing. He is one smart cookie, too smart sometimes...and this lands him into deep conflicts with himself. He questions everything...I admire this trait and abhor it all at the same time. (Although, he may just be a chip off the old block.) Another comedian's hard to stay mad at Mathew, he'll say something funny and I just have to leave the peels of laughter (some times while pulling my hair out...)Mathew is a big ship in a little stream. He hasn't quite yet learned the tricky navigation to get down stream and out into the ocean...but there is no doubt in my mind, he will.

And then there's Lily- the artist, the activist, the hula hooping mediator. Lily is the last one at home...the youngest of four and finally getting her say. She speaks more so in hushed tones, drawing out statements from long thought out perspectives. She is reserved, but never shy- many make this mistake about her. Sometimes our conversations go like this," Ma- have you ever considered the deep cosmos and how they are ever changing but in a sense, due to the time extensions of the universe- slow and seemingly unchanging compared to the vast waves of change here on earth?" Me-"HUH?!" Talk about contemplating...she often has to explain her big sentences (as in broader views) in smaller words for her dear "Ma" as she calls me. We never have arguments, we have discussions. And she usually goes so far over my head that I then- rebel. "Oh yeah?! Well, um....your room is a mess, Missy. Go clean it." Trump baby, trump. Oh yeah-

My adopted boy, Eric- oh what a fine man. I took this boy to heart several years ago-never was I given a choice. My eldest son, Beau- would come home with little Eric tagging along. "Mom, he will always be here for supper on Sunday and part of this family, understand?" An ultimatum rarely given by my son- so of course I did understand. It meant that Beau had adopted Eric as a brother and we would respect and love him too. We do. Even after the Marine gig, the tours, always the visits home would include Beau first gathering up Eric and walking through the door, often together. And now, our Eric joins us always in light and dark and we love him and expect him to soar, as he "makes his dreams come true...and he decides the rest." (Besides, he's got Katie by his side...what more could a man want?! Kater-tot, a good woman and teacher too. Hint, hint....good woman, hard to come by mister.)

Now Beka is the last of the adoptees, well maybe not the last...but we took her to our heart often enough to be filled by her grace. Now, we overflow and can't keep it all to ourselves- yes sirreee, she taught us well. Oh, and soon- she'll be the teacher you hope your children get- the one that will remain in their hearts, even when their 90. Beka doesn't leave impressions so much as she leaves love every where...she's lovely and loving and kinder than most. But...I've seen her riled, oooohhh, don't get her ire up. When folks such as Beka, true through and through- get a little bent out of shape by the misdeeds of another who is not so true, just mean- well, it's kind of like a lightening storm, the strike is a humbling lesson. Yes, a teacher with integrity and a lofty spirit.

Kylee, always in my heart a daughter- her first child will be my grandchild- regardless. And her groom, a son in law- a friend and loving man. We could not have hoped for a better union of love...Matt was heaven sent.

Oh, and Miss Rhi- there is blood between us and love all around. I've known her since she was born- blond and blue eyed and ornery and sweet all at the same time. I don't get to spend as much time with her now that she's older and working and always busy. But when I do- she's like a little grasshopper, showing me constantly how she's grown, teaching me things I could not learn had it not been for her perspective and liveliness midst a family from the dark ages-Ha! I'm the black sheep of the family, only I don't deny it- the rest of the brood are all gathered like sheep and living in the year 1900. "Women are meant to breed, be quiet, wait on the menfolk...." AAARRRGGHHH- Can you imagine? My family thinks I am preposterous, "Who does that woman think she is?" Rhi always seemed to think there might be more to me....thought my company was beautiful. Although, we know we're loved- it's just like picking that love out of an English Walnut...having to reallllly work hard at it. One must have realllly thick skin and accept that Neanderthals are alive and well in our own family tree.

So- the young pioneers in my life are all so very fascinating, their interests lie in things that matter... love, kindness and a family that wasn't necessarily raised under the same roof, but feels like family all the same. In my teens, I was the tomboy girl who said I'd never have children. By the time I was 30, I had had my four beautiful babies. And I always wanted more...and I got them- love always creates. When I die, let them judge me by my company of friends...and family.

Be well and take care- oh! And remember- Children are the future, can we all agree to make it a brighter one for them? In all my life, always- it was a child who offered me the brightest potential, problems and joy. The memories I keep are the ones a child created with their sense of wonder and fairness.

Monday, October 27, 2008

in the bigger country

BRRRRRRR morning to everyone.

Central Illinois is a bit nippy this morning as here I sit with a cardigan and long underwear on. These last October days find me chilling, in more ways than one. I spent all of Sunday outdoors, I cleaned out sheds and hauled off garbage-burnt some papers in the burn barrel and caught a straw bale on fire...could have been those whipping winds. Thank goodness I was out there in time to dismantle the bale and put it out...or I wouldn't be having a farm sale, I'd be dealing with insurance adjusters. Oh my, not that!

Today, I am off from my "town" job...and with the outdoor work done, I have to attend to the indoor work. I loathe house keeping, I so look forward to the day when I have less house and more land. More utility and less utility bills- employing solar panels and wind energy- that's the plan I'm working on. Those steps taken for a bright future will cost me much in the beginning, I know- but in time those kind of changes should pay for themselves. So- from the ground up, in my new digs eventually- I will truly live the sustainable life I've always dreamed of.

My moving to Maine doesn't surprise many of the friends who know me by heart. Many have said they've always pictured me in the backwoods some day, chopping wood, whistling and happily working and wandering around in the bigger country. Flipping a kayak into the bed of the pickup, driving a few miles and flopping it out onto a lake. My kids and I will be visiting Maine soon again, as a family. I can't forecast fully what their reaction will be until we get there. At first, they'll be overcome by the beauty of it- the many trees and miles and miles of wilderness and water, but then I suspect, they'll wonder-Where's the movie theatre? Or the Pizza Hut? No McDonalds for fifty miles?!!! Ahhh, yes- I'll say, "This is heaven McDonalds!" Then their openness to it all will slam shut like a door in the face of a religion salesman. So- I guess their picture of themselves in Maine will take some processing on their parts. The fast food thing might put a hitch in the focus for them.

Back to these last October days...the last of their kind for me, I reasoned yesterday. With that thought in mind, I wandered around even more intensely than usual. The sounds of the wind through my old trees, the barren golden fields of soybeans harvested. The long off views of deer crossing from hedge row to small woods sanctuary. The sunrises, the sunsets- those views will all be different for me this time next year. I vow to kayak often, the lake's length and breadth seem akin to my fields- the sun's last rays will be infinite over the water's rippling into bigger ripples all by a tip of my paddle into their liquid light. Not a bad trade off in my mind, though still- I know, I'll be comparing apples to oranges this time next year. Every day finds me making these comparisons, these opposites too. Preparing for change- like the seasons of one's life, ever bearing great circles. Be well, take care-

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

that first line

Good morning.

Here's a quote that ended up in my inbox this morning...and it settled itself right here on this blog, because it is apt as it leads right into what I have been struggling to bring to light here.

For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. --Nelson Mandela

Saturday night, here at Beauregards farm- we had a gathering, a wiener roast, a barn dance and a kind of opening farewell to our friends and family. The bonus of the evening was when friend Jill and Opie brought out their guitars and played. We had a hootenanny by golly- and it felt so good. Around the fire were democrats and republicans, Lutherans and spiritualists. Young and old and a few mixed breeds- dogs and cats included. Although to my eyes, I saw a gathering of people and beasts very much alike. We all put our pants on the same way- we all sat under that beautiful sky, I suppose some saw it as dark, others- star lit. But what truly mattered, the key to the whole gathering- we were free to be you and me. To think as we thought, to sing off key or harmonize with one another. The freedom we all allowed ourselves that evening is a freedom some defend, some take for granted and some disallow others to feel. When you get right down to it- freedom is more an expression than a stance. For every one of us who believes that black is black and white is white- that the republicans are better than the democrats or vice versa- that is our right to express. But to become unglued or desperately biased against another who does not see things the way we do- well, that's just wrong. I don't like the division, it takes away something in the equation.

How can you yourself be free if you do not allow another to express their own mind and opinion?

How can you feel so right that other's must be wrong?

Freedom is a choice we make every day- but there is nothing free about hating or dismantling someone else's right to be as free as you. We don't necessarily have a black man running against a white man- we have a presidential choice based on qualities of leadership and intellect. Children seek validation, grown-ups seek information and then reason with the facts they gather.

I do not wish to persuade anyone to vote one way or the other. Freedom allows me to think for myself, to act upon those thoughts and declare, "May the best man win." We as Americans will decide once and for all...who that man will be. We are still united, even if my guy or your guy gets in. We only become divided when we forsake the freedom of the other because we disagree with a donkey or an elephant. I think we can all agree that this country is in bad shape- I hope after the smoke clears, we might look at the Constitution and hold that first line in our heart-"We the people..."

That document was written by some pretty sharp men... they understood that they were to represent the masses- the common man. Those folks there at the big house have forgotten not only who they represent- but what they represent. I hope as a united nation, as Americans- we, as a beginning step- bring about some clarity. It is not you and I who have run this country down- although we do an awful good job sometimes at running each other down- that has just got to stop. The culprits in high places need a wake up is our congressman, Senators, representatives that we should reckon with, not each other. Their high spending ways to bail out a system that they themselves decided upon- by the sweat of our our brows- and the deceit of our votes. They have betrayed our trust, our future- yeah, my neighbor gets on my nerves sometimes. But he or she does not help her self to my hard earned dollars- (Although my ex sure had a time with my savings....) I don't know how that man sleeps at night, I don't know how the donkeys or elephants do either. Isn't it time we stopped defending the parties and started defending our neighbors, ourselves? Stand up for each other and stare down the mega hucksters?
Just some thoughts on freedom...and free wheeling ways of our leaders. Gosh- don't you think it's time to talk in terms of justice and liberty for all? The essence of the Constitution as a whole - The Constitution is based on the assent of the governed. When did the smoke become so thick that our political representatives dropped the "n" from assent, causing them to become only interested in the asset(s) of the governed? We, the governed do not agree- seemingly with all the roar I've been hearing- with the governors of our time. But instead of taking it to the top- our disagreements- we take it to each other. Truly- what does that change?

No more talk about all of this from me...I agree with you, or I disagree with you, either way- I'll try to respect your opinion and find some common ground. Up above, I hope I did. Take care-

Monday, October 13, 2008

A little quaint

Reggie's Way Restaurant-Back woods Maine
(Their philosophy-Why not?!)

Black Magic Johnson- Always, a happy little song.

Terra Brockman- Crusader for common good, The Land Connection
Nicolas Vergeon- Paris France Agricultural Engineer-intern, student and teacher
Lubec, Maine

A little quaint drinking village with a fishing problem.

Most easterly point in the USA-Happy Hot Dog Philosophers

My Big Fish-A keeper.

Blake man...Wise beyond his little years

He says "all anybody needs is love." He's quite right.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If I do

Good morning once again...yep, we received another day. So many times...we forget what a gift that is.

Running around, rampant- worried about the world at large, but when it comes right down to it, I think people are hunkering down right now and looking out for number one. And that is important- to take care of ourselves first, make sure the family is secure, hopeful that we can take care of our group's basic needs. Oh sure, the government has got us in a bind, although much of it comes from our society standing by, silent- too silent some times when we should have been raising hell. Yes, we are all so very busy- so who has the time to step up and say, "Whoa! This is not right, not ethical. We will withhold our tax dollars...." Which, of course we cannot do- unless we want to do a stretch or pay massive fines. Seems some times, we just can't win- so we hunker down some more. Go with the flow. Buy what is sold and perhaps pray...Well, if you read this blog somewhat regularly, you know my prayer- a fine simple request. "Father thank you, increase my faith." In sunshine and rain, I say that prayer. It holds me accountable, I am strengthened, I am grateful, I am then fortified and must proceed with renewed faith. "To whom much is given, much is expected."

We, as Americans- to whom much is given, in spite of the long lines, traffic jams, high gas prices, food costs, educational woes, high taxes- some times forget just how truly good we have it. I suppose there is much to complain about, but there is so much more to be thankful for. Thank goodness we were born to be Americans, enriched on American soil, allowed by right of birth to agree or disagree. To voice our opinions in any way we see fit, as an individual or a group. We are entitled by that royal birth- to pursue happiness, or whatever it is we wish to pursue. Too many pursue what the hard work of others might bring them. They, the capable- posing as the incapable, prey upon our gifts, neglecting their own. We have become politically correct, bankrupt of our own common sense, indebted to those who have no intention of getting off our backs or the government roll. To them I say, enough is enough.

Politicians- you're breaking our blue collar backs, when we are emptied- who will supply your extravagant bonuses? Welfare recipients- if you are looking for a handout with two good strong hands held out, use those for something else other than picking my pockets. Newspapers- tell me some good news, or you'll become nothing more than compost fodder, I'm tired of your bad words.

The fear that is being shoveled by heaps and heaps upon our hearts, by the media, the music industry, Hollywood, our elected officials, and yes- even the green mongers- is bankable, but I see no interest bearing in my accounts. So CE Os, Administrators, Governors, State Officials,Presidential Shovelers- think about what your actions are saying. To me they say- Strike fear in the hearts of men and women, they will become indebted to us for the bail out that only big brother can provide.
Folks- isn't it time we saw through all that, truly see that the only thing Big Brother is doing is beating us down, further and further into submission? Fearful people regress into fearful children- but we're not children anymore. We have far too much knowledge, experience, wisdom- to be coerced into thinking that we need a hand holding session, that we need an overseer watching our piggy banks- as if we can't be trusted to account for our own savings. I think the leaders of our time are banking on our fear, our silence, our political correctness. Isn't it time we take hold of ourselves and say, "Look. You've worked hard all your life- the dreams that you dare to dream are often centered in the nightmare created by those who do not dream- they scheme. Money is their god and mass hysteria their religion. I have little faith in their system, but much faith have I in my self, my children- my own common sense and the Being that created it all. It is time I employed it. I will not be blinded by the darkness, but governed by the light."

Hope is real, love is permanent- all else is a smoke screen. If you feel like it's time to speak- that you have something to say that might evoke a good difference, if you're absolutely fed up with the way this country is run...down, write a letter to the editor. Align with men and woman who serve a higher purpose- a common good for all. Who are these people? Here are but a few-

The reporter who inspires by bringing us news that is worthy, that motivates and encourages us by the stories they tell of real people who stood up and had to do the things they did or do to not only survive but thrive. The teachers who teach and reach our children as individuals, empowering in them a sense of higher grasps of educational opportunities so that they may rise above any objections of their past upbringing- squashing their sense of fear and revealing to them their utmost possibilities. The farmers who share a common goal- feeding their nation, their community, their neighbors- nourishing all. The soldiers who volunteer to serve their country, their fellow country men- who at the very expense of their own lives- are willing to sacrifice all so that we don't really have to sacrifice anything. Think about that.

I said volunteers.

These young and old, men and women who are not making millions, nor can they ever hope too when they put on that uniform- they serve a higher purpose. They put themselves on the line at any given time- so that we may continue on in our sometimes too whiny way. These people are but a few examples of folks who are trying to make a difference. But...the way this country is run...down - it is getting harder and harder every day, for these folks- and that may be you and I in that accounting- to make these differences if we are in constant doubt, holding on to correctness and fear.

If we but let go of that fear, that correctness- who knows what might happen. The world will come to an end? Yes, in a sense- I suppose it will, but isn't it time for world changing? I mean, the kind of world where we all live in fear...of....higher gas prices? Food costs? Dying dreams? Is that kind of fear worth holding onto? Look around. This place is looking up. Look beyond the gas station, the grocery store- the bank. Look at the face on page 74 in your local paper- the guy who jumped in the river to save a stranger. Go on the Internet and Google won't believe your own eyes when you see what every day people like you and I are doing to make a good difference in the world- although I hope you will believe your heart as it beats a mile a minute with new found joy in dismantling the fear that you knew a moment ago as it makes room for the hope that will surely fill it. Hope is more powerful than the greatest of doubts.

Any one who has been through any dark night will tell you that it was not the money they had in their pocket or even a religious life preserver that saw them through- it was the hope garnered by some kind of inspiration by another, who- by their own experience gave them the light of hope, to find their own way.
Friends- we all are worthy of hope, of dreams becoming reality. We do deserve better than dark days, smoke screens. But we must first believe that hope in a fearful world is possible. I see no possibilities for deep change in a fear based society, but oh my goodness! The possibilities are sky high for a hopeful one! What are your highest hopes? What do you intend to do about it? Will you have the energy after another long day of just getting by- to try and make a difference, if not in your own life- perhaps in the way of kindness to another- to change the course of this world? Will this little by little contemplation then action truly make a difference? I wished I could answer that for you... Only you know your truth.

What essential steps might you take this day, this moment- to truly change your outlook, there by changing your children's attitude too? The truth and only the truth will set us free. And it surely will do some hurt, but the harm will not be everlasting- it will be momentary. The leaders of today...the fear mongers, will lead you alright. How much further are you willing to go?

My truth is apparent to me...thank goodness. I lived far too long in fear, I doubted the whole world because I doubted my self. A what if became a what is- it cracked me open and stripped me bare. My judgement was off, I could not align with my self for the longest time. Doubts of ever surviving invaded my dreams, my past, present and future. I had no hope. None. I cannot say for sure what finally awakened me, what defining moment brought me a hopeful vision. I only know that inspiration did find me. A card, a kindness- a glimmer of hope given to me by others in my time of desperation. This is grace, others remembered their cup was running over...they shared that abundance with me. By their grace, their goodness- a difference was made, a good deep change grew in me. Little ol' me. And here's the point- I'm just like you. Only, for whatever reason- I, like many others- have been subjected to a dark night of the soul- I had the choice to awaken to hope or to continue to fearfully sleep in my nightmarish world. The choice I made is apparent. I am not strong, I am by far one of the weakest people I know...but every day I wake up to hope, I choose to live no other way. By this choosing, every day- I must walk the walk. I must be courageous, I must convey what it is I know to be an essential truth. Not because I'm afraid the world will fall apart if I don't- it is essential that I share what I know because the world will become better if I do.

You and I and everyone we know needs hope, like water, like air- it is essential. Take my stories and dismiss them, or take the hope and share it. It is completely up to you. What you think, what you feel- if you allow yourself that beautiful freedom- is important, is necessary for deep change.

Peace and harmony are essential to the balance of all things...and is possible. But only you, an individual can begin the hope, others will follow. Not out of desperation or fear- but out of love and gratitude. Imagine! What might that world look like? What does the world look like to you right now? Picture the world you want. Hope or fear?

What is your answer?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Keeping the circles

Oh my, what an evening!!! Sunday afternoons around here means food...front porch grinning and always, Bluegrass from 6:00 to 8:00 pm via the local public radio station 91.9. Folks come from near usually, sometimes far (Nicolas from Paris, France...)to participate in one of our Sunday evening suppers. The prerequisite, though- is we must listen to Bluegrass. Because it's my front porch. And I do the cooking. So...they smile and bear my over-bearingness when it comes to musical standards, hey! I'm just trying to inject some culture here...the young people are filled with food and fun and fabulous music. Otherwise they'd be stuck listening to that crap they listen too...OK, not all of it is crap- but some of it is pure, know what I mean. I have a sticker on the back door, "It's not that I'm old...your music really does suck." Now I know that is a crude, rude word- but I think it is used quite well in that statement.

Anyway- back to the porch shenanigans. Always, my favorite, most well loved people come... And last evening, Miss Aud showed up- see we have her hooked on hoopin', and then everybody, even the boys- try it. NO, I did not say hookin'- so get your head out of the gutter buddy...besides, hookin' here would just mean crocheting. We hoop and holler, following Lils lead...she got us hooked on hula hoops. You cannot frown or be miserable when hoopin'...the smile just naturally fixes itself upon your face, and never leaves the whole time the hoop travels around your waist. Lils is a first class hooper, she is just so natural at it. All summer long, she'd park her "Granny mobile" out by the hedge, just out of view from the front porch perch where I generally convene every evening-to the swing. I read and write and reminisce mostly, processing my deep thoughts...OK, my simple mind compositions. One day I found myself a little irate with her new satellite radio blasting just a bit too loud, disturbing my meditative state of oblivion...I slammed my pen down hard on the page I was trying to make come alive, darn kids! Suck-y to high heaven music....but what was that?!! I thought to myself- (as I had fully intended to throw my mama weight around)-what the heck is my neo-hippy child doing? She was hooping. Melodiously, meditatively, beautifully she was jiving under the great Maple out in the front yard. Wow. The sun was setting, the golden glow on that peaceful looking face...melted my heart, many months ago-that was when I first realized that Lils was seriously serendipitous about this hula hooping thing. She probably didn't realize, for many weeks- I'd slip out under the Cedar, tea in hand- and watch her. Her peace brought me peace. Her sunshine smile...made me smile too. And so- there you have it. Hooked on hoopin'. Lils has created a following...we now have weighted hoops. Trying to trim the old waist a bit. Keeping the circles fluid, flowing...until the hoops hits the ground- and then, you just simply laugh at yourself.

I don't suppose this could be done in your front yard. What would people say?! "Look at those fools, how uncivilized- ridiculous!!!" Oh yes...we are ridiculous, really...and it feels so good! Especially the whittle-ing away of my waist...a byproduct of hooping. Who knew- something so fun, bringing forth smiles, meditating, concentrating, focusing- making even crappy music sublimely tolerable- could produce a kind of nirvana...and weight loss! Yep, it's true. Hula hooping is not just for's for the hip, hilarious, and hysterical! What fun. Want to try?! Go on, just do it...if you think you can- you can! If you think you can't- you won't.

Work it!

(Should you decide, that yes- you too want to be riduculous! Here is an address for weighted hoops in the USA-

Take care-

Friday, October 3, 2008


Good morning! Today I am requesting you think of me as your doctor, and I am prescribing the above will bring you much peace, joy and...excitement! As you watch it, you will be filled with enthusiasm, so much so that you'll want to prescribe it to others...and must...DANCE! Gather the kids around, don't do this alone...the dog will think you're crazy! Mine kept looking nervously at the door, eye balling all exits- Oh, I can't wait for Lily to get up and watch this. Sure, she'll grumble- partly because it's cold in here. No heat. Service man was suppose to come last week...perhaps he forgot me, but I will not forget the phone call I must make again...I can actually see my breath! BRRRRRR...

Oh, I have started a new job in Williamsville, just two and half miles from home. The BluCat cafe- the owner is a friend and mentor. We wear bandannas, I think I look like Willie Nelson. I suppose I'm kind of vain, every way I try to fix this scarf so it looks ends up just looking goofy.
Hey, you should really try a meal there...great hamburgers, amazing Horse Shoes that rival any other Shoe in the area. Soup that's good for the soul...and yes, she will be utilizing my greens. Folks come from near and far, just yesterday off the interstate came some Canadians. They were sure sweet people, and we told them so. The farmers in the area are gearing up for the harvest, no time for cooking- so they're starting to show up in droves. I don't quite know the lay of the land yet, so I'm just plucky relief for now.

Anyway- have yourself a good one, enjoy the day... and do not neglect to watch the video, I'm off now to do the there's nobody watching!

Take care-