Monday, June 22, 2009

The birds have it

Good mid-morning to you, it's too hot to mow, too hot to weed, too hot to even think about too much...ooooh boys, it's hot!!! Ah heck, you probably figured that one out already if you're a Midwesterner...we've had alot of moisture as of late along with the glorious sunshine mixing it up and creating the ever loving weather phenomena that we call humidity- see how close the word resembles humility?? Hmmmm, both are humbling...perhaps bringing you down upon your knees, I suppose I look at words more these days as Lily has decided to study Linguistics...very interesting, yes indeed. She's got the brains and patience for learning the many languages and roots of words...hopefully she'll share all that knowledge with me so that I may actually back up a bit and give more depth to my sentences ( with mucho less words...I am a bit of an enthusiastic express-er of too many, ummm...words....but, you knew that, and still you follow, out of curiosity or madness, either way- I will give you your fill of words and their quirky meanings according to my untamed expression of them.)

Well, much like the rain these days- quite the overflow above there, that last paragraph, hmmmm...perhaps I ought to go mow anyhow. Thanks for listening, I sure have been fatigued lately, dead dog tired as they say. Is it just the heat do you suppose, or the massive undertaking going on right now in selling a farm and relocating, or hormones or is it all of the above?!

Well, whatever it is, I hope it goes away in time that I might actually enjoy the look and feel of a farm at it's very pretty best. Perhaps it is the lack of chaos recently that has left me feeling as if I'm too tired to relax, too taxed to really rest. Aren't we a funny race, when things go well we wonder what's up? And when things get rocky we wonder how long do we have to endure this tortuous trail??!!

But then, I get to noticing the little birds all about, the Catbird with it's really pathetic "mew" calls, and yet it seems perfectly smitten with it's surroundings and self. And the little wren that sits on the cedar right off the porch, this beauty of a little thing that warbles the loudest little melody, I can't help but wonder how such a tiny bird could muster up such a big song! And then I peered through my binoculars yesterday and spied the oddest little sparrow-like bird with black beak and beard and white ring around it's neck, couldn't identify this particular bird in my book, wondering if it could be perhaps European Sparrow? If any of you birders out there might help me, I'd appreciate it. Brown thrushes in the hedge, beautiful creatures quite acrobatic. The birds have it. My gaze, my wonder my utmost thanks for all who gather here and call this little humble abode home. More words...less mowing, now is the moment to get it in gear and tackle the lawn care. Take care-

And please if you will, follow the link below- my friend Kristine is a writer/blogger/gardener and she said some very kind things and filled me straight up with all the good stuff.

Beauregard Farm

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