Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There'll be laughter

There'll be laughter, even after-
You're gone.
I'll find reason, to face
That empty dawn
For I've memorized each line in your face
And not even death could ever replace-
The stories they tell to me.
I'll miss you...Oh how I'll miss you...
And I'll cry a million tears
But the sorrow will pass
And the one thing that will last-
Is the've me.
There'll be laughter...

written by
Iris Dement

A good friend recently lost her dear-sweet husband too soon. I had written in the past of having friends (I'm very blessed with incredible friends who share their lives with me and teach me oh-so-much about love.)
who are truly living lessons in devotion to their mates. This couple were my number two teachers. Yep- I've got another set of soul mates who had been my model for what it must be like to live for an other's happiness. These two couples could not be separated, even in names. They were always the two names said in one breath, in one instance. Death was the only thing that could ever part any of them physically. And death has entered in and left a striking void...and all I can attest too at this time, for this I know and know too well; love never really dies. For them, for their families- mountains may seem like their twin. And for some time, there they will stand in the shadow of the mountain and they'll wonder, waking and in their dreams- how they'll ever get over it.
These things I write here are not meant to sadden but to make aware - the people who share your life are gifts of love. A blessing that must be kissed frequently, reprimanded gently in an argument and loved completely at all times. That's how one moves mountains, by knowing in time- that all was said and all was done, that there will be laughter again because you knew it oh so sweetly before, gratefully acknowledging that no one else could have made you smile so. No one else could have filled you up and made you know more everything than might ever have been discovered or even wished for on your own.
The song up above says so much more than I could ever conjure up. I sang it this morning, thinking of E-and-Jim. I sang it once more- just to see if I could get through it without the waterworks.
How death humbles us, weakens us, batters us- but never, when love is involved- diminishes us.
There'll be laughter...


Jayne said...

Prayers and peace to E... indeed, love goes on...

Audrey said...

Memory is one gift from God that death cannot destroy. Hank Williams.

Anonymous said...

very well put


Theresa said...

Hi Terry this is E and J's daughter T. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. In the midst of our sorrow, we sometimes forget to remember the good things. Thank you for reminding me of all the wonderful times that I and my family have had with Dad and here's to making many more with Mom.