Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hush, hush, wish, wish....

Good morning!

Most days find me lacking a communication device...when the south wind blows, it takes away the satellite.  Matter of fact, should the wind blow at all- disconnect. I throw snow balls at the roof top disc, angrily, impatiently- trying to smack it back online, doesn't necessarily work- but it helps with my frustration levels.

Ah yes!  Snow!  I read some good advice the other day- for one to survive the winter in Maine- one ought to accept the truly winter way instead of trying to endure it.  A strong athlete might be able to train for a marathon I suppose, with the end in sight of 26 miles, and learn to endure- with  only 4 miles to go...but trying to endure a seemingly never ending, no end in sight Maine winter, well I suppose it could make one batty, delirious for Key West and points further south. 
 My metal will be tested for sure come April, but for now I accept the sounds of Maine- snow crunching, crispy under each step I take.  Snowflakes falling with a whisper, landing softly on pine boughs- from the dark and day sky, they tumble from some unseen shaker up above.  And when it seems the lid has been removed, the flake's fall comes in a hush, hush, wish, wish...all around, that loveliest of sounds-snowfall.
On my walks I see so far and wide- white.  Bright in it's avalanche of glow, but deeper in the snow, in the pockets- blue, snow blue!  As if the great unseen's hand passed over the landscape with sno cone syrup, adding a blueberry richness to the flavor of one's senses.

"I am in Maine and the snow is gentler now, coming from fewer clouds perhaps than it was showering down from bulked up fronts earlier.  Snow- from my first winter here in Maine, is a constant presence in the landscape.  Walking my two mile a day trails, I often find myself gazing upon a great Pine up the road a ways- I stand in the road, transfixed as the tree that holds my attention.  I often wonder why I’m drawn to it’s presence- maybe it’s twisted, gnarly branches remind me of my own troubles, maybe it’s upward growth despite the weather’s wickedness inspires me.  I think the real reason I stand here as it stands there is because of it’s solemnity in the landscape...  This area is alive with wilderness- moss hangs from the branches of the smallest to the greatest, even in winter time- the jungle never slumbers.  My tree sees all, knows all, feels all and stands upright yet pliable enough to take the calm with the storm.  Yes, I see myself in that tree and am remarkably proud of us both...."
 Walking A Ways 2010

Take care-

Thursday, January 21, 2010

privvy to toilets

Good morning.  You know how I am privvy to toilets, errrrr- outhouses.  I miss my own Mrs. Jones, and am anxious to see pictures of her new place of honor  in New Berlin Illinois.  My, my- Mrs. Jones does get around...
 We have been busy painting and renovating, adding a new bathroom for the meditative soakings that I miss so much.  We're still not quite done with the overhaul, but soon- VERY SOON I will be immersed in the elegance of an old clawfoot tub I've obtained.  Tubs are the one thing in the bathroom that need no code name for they have no shameful, embarressing attributes like their partner accessory- the toilet.
Why shouldn't we praise the throne?  After all- it is of daily necessity and as nostaligic as the outhouse, many royal and historical figures had volumes written of their great and mighty deeds on earth, and often when reading in depth of certain characters- their bathrooms are mentioned.  Such a personal icon- the toilet.  With that said and taken into context-( with no outhouse in sight) I have decided to make mine spectacular, stupendous and smile inducing.

I may not be in the lap of luxury, but by golly I'd hold my seat up to Cleopatra's throne any day!

A thoughtful, talented and wonderfully quirky artist from the great state of California made this here object of fine art just for yours truly!  Should you decide to add a little luster to your life, check out Sonya's wares at:

With that said, food for thought-mermaid mindset and all...be well.  Take care!  And may you never take  your "seat" for granted again...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love letters in a snowbank

Good morning...

There are things in this world that some might find mundane, but I tend to lean towards the everything-has-a-bit-of-excitement in it.  For instance-the stars out last night against the inkiest black sky were both brilliant and bright, and even though it was 3 degrees out on my deck- I had to strain my neck for a long time to gaze and gaze, being filled with the wonder of the same sky that blankets us all.  Here in Maine- with little light pollution, those stars overhead are magnificent, piercing and yes- even a bit humbling.

Seems all we've done since I've been here is paint and tear apart and add new this, gently used that...for several  months prior- the same thing was occupying all my time back at the farm.  Never the less- I have to build my  our  nest.   Isn't that exciting?  I have been saying "we" alot, and "our"...new vocabulary for me.  It's scary...and exciting.  Isn't it a wonderful thing- to actually share the joy and even some of the burden?  Well I do declare- the Big Fish is a wicked good partner.  Who knew, so late in life- that love could be so large and unintimidating?!  I had no hope at all...then this sweet man started sending me letters- long hand, paper letters, in the mail!  Oh how I miss those letters, running out to the mailbox and getting correspondence from as far away as Maine- love letters every one.  Sadly, the letters are few in my mail- but leave it to the sweetest man I know to trump the United States Postal Service-


Love letters in a snowbank...

Sigh.....Guess I can muster the spirit to paint and build some more.  Wonder what the Big Fish will do to trump this?! 
 Between you and I dear readers, I hope he is still speaking to me after the weekend- I'm having a surprise birthday party for him on Saturday-midst all this chaos!  He's turning the "big ONE", use your imagination...and I, being a truewonder and all-who happens to believe that everyone should celebrate their birthday, even if no one else notices- am planning a kick a#@! , party like a Rock Star event.  And the BF, being kind of a shy man- has posted these love letters around the place, for my eyes only- God love him, I can see him blushing now...
(He rarely goes on the net...so no worries he'll see this)
Have a good one, take care-

Take care!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

one bumbling moose

Good morning!

Blogging has taken a back seat once again to the activities at hand...we are stripping the Big Fish's home of all the clunkers and redoing it like a proper New England home.  Toothpaste green walls had to go...now they're a neutral white and the cabinets, handmade by my BF- have been painted a dried Thyme color.  My hidden weapon to accentuate is Barn Red, the Big Fish doesn't know that yet...when he's out of the house, I paint.  I abhor painting, my daughters are mystified to learn that I have actually taken paint brush in hand and am keeping it in between the lines.  Yes girls...mama is stirring up the colors so as not to go stir crazy.  We also plan to redo the flooring as soon as the paint dries...from a four bedroom massive farmhouse to a small cozy loft- the changes are mighty intimate.Yesterday we traveled to Augusta for the man's Dr. appointments, while there- we checked out an old claw foot bathtub- complete with claws of cast iron, completely beautiful.  We paid the nice folks for their "trash" and now the new "treasure" to us is sitting idly by in the back of the pickup truck- waiting for it's new reign in the new bathroom downstairs.  And I'll have to paint again, once the walls are finished.  My nest building is getting a bit out of hand...

The wonders of Maine influence me daily...my cabin is not yet attainable, so we decided to fix up the Big Fish's place for out of state visitors and soon hopefully, we'll be renovating a cabin for us or vice versa.  When in Maine- Muster!...spirit, strength and decor.  Oh my!  Back to those glorious wonders I have seen thus far:
  One giant sized whale, one bumbling moose, numerous Juncos, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Crows (these are the big boys, they're everywhere looming LARGE), Eagles, Wild Turkeys running amok along the roadways, one Maine Deer (Bambi looking creatures...)and my favorite sighting, could watch them all day- the ever fun-loving otter!  Where ever there is an open patch of sea surrounded by ice- there the little otters frolic and play, slipping in and out of the ice cold waters- seemingly oblivious to binocular'd wonderers such as I.  

Have a great January day...I have a fire burning, dissected cabinets and a Toyota to attend to-

Take care!