Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now is not the time

I do not consider myself an activist but a participant.  I do not align with any group or people or product based solely on approval or disapproval, financial situation or affiliation.  I strive to bear my options and opinions by my own research, thoughts, observations, experiences and also due to greater scientists, writers, thinkers than I- past and present.  I aim to ruffle a few feathers again...please listen.
  There is no greater threat to mankind than a non viable seed supply
 I will always, until my dying day- speak out against that unimaginable end- a Silent Spring...

Freedom is at stake-  when the fork you lift contains ingredients not of nature but of corporate greed large enough to bypass even the USDA and infiltrate invisibly both the fields of plenty in our great nation as well as the fields of freedom that our votes once allowed us-  when deregualtion of an absolute uncertain modification is allowed to possibly infiltrate our food supply based on research done solely by the corporation itself and our government, from the bottom up says- "that's good enough for us", we certainly must question that government and remind them that this is not a dictatorship but a democracy.
 President Obama is accepting letters, he may not actually read them- but surely the White House might consider the mountain of evidence from concerned citizens who refuse to accept one sided reports that concern everyone's livelihood, freedom of choice in the food we eat, in the seeds we plant. Perhaps if thousands would make just one statement-

"We need absolute proof from ALL SIDES before we ingest anymore of this substance -before we allow it's unknown repercussions to our precious land."
 or simply offer up this question that must be answered fully and without deceit -

 Are genetically modified seeds benign or malignant?

If that question cannot be answered without full disclosure from all studies- now is not the time to allow Roundup Ready Alfalfa to prosper.

Please visit the link below.  I am not asking you to give a dime or a drop of blood.  I am beseeching you to concern your self with what concerns each and every one of us.  There is a direct link to President Obama's office. Thank you.
I hope that soon I will read that the people have spoken- that we care enough to dare say "answer our questions fully or we will continue to question everything" is such a hard thing to earn, it's time our government tried to earn it again and not bypass the citizens that make up what has always been a land fought and won for freedom's sake, not for a corporation's way-over-the-line greed.  
And one more thing, since you've come this far- do treat your self to President Roosevelt's speech that turned the tide for so many, I don't know if it's fear that most needs conquered these days...but I am certain it is greed, and we as a nation must take a stand against it. 


Jayne said...

You know, it is so worrisome when everything to do with food that we eat and consume into our bodies is genetically altered or enhanced to increase production and profits. I wonder all the time if all of this genetic tinkering with seeds and beef/chicken/pork products has EVERYTHING to do with the explosion of cancers, and even sadly, disorders like autism.

truewonder said...

I'm truly sorry to have made any kind of connection to Autism...that was not my intention. But it's that very connection that many others question too - that we cannot trust, that certain questions go unanswered, that we are left far too often to wonder what are the repercussions of introducing into the food supply and medicines- not so much substances of unknown origin but how far reaching into regions of health and all life do those uncertainties leach? Those invisible substances remain invisible until new cancers, new illnesses, new loss of life in the animal kingdom that has never been seen before and is still, perhaps by your own experience- unaccounted for. I do not know those answers, I only know to question and never stop.
So- my soap box on that subject will be put away for a is not close to my heart to write like this- if that were so I'd only write of rainbows and sunshine, this is closest to an innateness in me that says speak up, and do not whisper.
And it is your beauty, your innate openness Jayne that sincerely listens, even though it may make a rawness in you, rawer. Whatever the answers are, in faith I do believe all replies will be realized some day- but I for one do not want to stand in that place ashamed of what I did not do here...that I did not speak up when called to do so.

troutbirder said...

I agree totally with what you wrote and friend Jaynes comments. My own reaction to this is to plant heritage (non hybrid) seeds. My source is Seeds Savers, an organization in Iowa near Decorah. Rather than go on about their philosophy, if your not familiar with them, I'm sure you can Google their name and get a catalogue. The world can be changed by small things.... when lots of people get on board. :)

Jayne said...

Sorry I am just now reading your reply my friend. I am terrible about any follow up with my comments. You did not at all offend or cause pain here, be assured. You simply gave voice to something of which we know so little about and of which we need to have more concern. I do hope one day there will be a better way when we really do stop to examine the effects of our "technology" on living. Hugs to you and thanks for being that voice.