Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shuttering at all the Beauty

Leaf Laden Path
All along the roadside, trees are covered in jewels.  Again I find myself thinking about the old year, the droughts and rain, the sunny days too few- but all resurrects itself in the colors that greet me at every bend.  Maine- Washington County to get specific, is one of the most wondrous places I've ever seen and I get to live here.  I had to drive to Addison for a part time job testing,but even in the rain- how could I be testy?  So what if I'm following an inconsistent moving log truck or a car with across-the-river-license-plates that speeds then pokes, speeds then pokes- these colors are to die slowly for.  Even in the rain, an oil slick upon my windshield- how does any of the little miseries compare, how can any sorrow stay when what I'm seeing still cannot fully be absorbed- fall in all it's splendor, even right out my back door?

Dress rehearsal for the peak season...
I hope the sun shines as it will or won't on Thursday, I'll take my Canon and shoot; shuttering at all the beauty.  My oh my, I wonder if I'll cry should I come upon a Moose?  Only if he steps quicker than I can brake, otherwise- even a silhouette as big as a barn door is welcome.  In fall, in Maine- is a glad time.  Happy or sad, bumbling to boot- it won't matter, I haven't got a care when the moon is hanging and the pantry is almost full of my garden's goodness.  You can frown at me, sigh long and hard, merrily I'll swap smiles with you and wonder out loud, do you see it too?  The Autumn way, the roadside paved with the golden rush of all the fallen.  Mother, please take them in- the leaves so full of rich blood red with deep bright veins of the last of the greens for the year.  It is enough then, to simply see and be ever so grateful for valuable sunshine, worthless rain and the glow- the golden gracious glow!

Mama Moose beautifully drab next to the fallen 
I aim to bring you plenty more color in the days to come...
Take care-


Lines of Beauty said...

You make me want to move to Maine Truewonder. I use to go to camp in Washington and spend lots of time on Chebeaugue Island. Maine just feels like home to me.

I love your photos and your wonderful take on the simplicity of life. When everything falls to the side, it's there in all it's glory.

truewonder said...

I love it so and more every day.

I'm grateful that I convey well enough the value of this place so that others might feel the deep peace here as well, thank you.

The Merry said...

Hey, I live in Washington county too! I'm told that fall colors in Oregon aren't quite as smashing as the ones in Maine, but to my Californian-bred eyes it's still astounding. My new commute to work, when I travel by car, is through back roads and it really improves the commute to see such beauty passing by.