Monday, May 28, 2012

For They Existed

"And when great souls die, 
after a period peace blooms, 
slowly and always 
irregularly. Spaces fill 
with a kind of 
soothing electric vibration. 
Our senses, restored, never 
to be the same, whisper to us. 
They existed. They existed. 
We can be. Be and be 
better. For they existed. 


Greg Mack said...

-Know that you are loved. Life is not for our complete control. Sadness has its place as much as we do not enjoy dwelling there. Way leads on to way. We find solace every moment we are able. The peace is always present just as we are connected as one. Ask the innate spirit to help everyday. What are you feeling is valid and real. Also know you are filled with love; more than all of us can possible imagine and accept at times. Forever the presence of his being will be within your heart. Every time, love that eternal presence quietly before thought- and set your spirits free. Know that you are loved+

truewonder said...

Thank you. I have read and re-read this comment, a most needed reminder.