Friday, November 14, 2008

Bigfoot in your basement

Good morning. I slept all night without one little howl from the gal in her pen. Maybe Lily slipped miss Etta a doggy downer or ran amok with her until she lay down, exhausted with her little puppy heart beating a mile a minute- Etta's... not Lil's.

I was not home last evening...I went out. Gasp. Yes, I did. I stayed up until 10:00 pm. I listened to some fine finger strumming and vocals from various locals at the BluCat...a cafe by day, but on Thursday is the place to be a grown up grooving to the tunes laid out by talented song writers and singers and musicians. Oh and I had pie, after the peanut butter soup and grilled jalapeno and cheese sandwich- on rye. Let me just say that I envy those performers, I don't know how they get up there and sing to their and my heart's content. I want to. By golly- I do fantasize about grabbing the mic and laying one on them, a somebody-done-somebody-wrong-song, laying my soul and heart bare. Watching for the nod from the tall bushy haired fellow in booth number nine. He'd nod and I'd nod back and we'd know the flow where music takes all comers who are open to it's lull of sweet, sorrowful, satirical pulsations.

I admire the courageous performer too, I want to pick them apart little by little, find out what makes them deliver- how they find that brave part of their soul that sings- even when everyone is watching and listening. I think it was Tommy who said, or perhaps he was repeating a quote from another fellow musician, "You just can't think about it too much, it's like running down a slide- you don't stop mid way and think about what you're doing- you just keep going." Sounds right. Sounds good. But if you're running down a slide and stop- the worst thing that could happen is you'd fall and break your noggin. When singing, if you stop and think about it- you fall from grace, well maybe not to everyone else- there may just be uncomfortable silence, maybe belly noises...but the songstress would lose her hold on the world around her and how could she lift up again, fly away with the music? Danged if I know, I don't sing anymore...makes me feel so vulnerable. Bottom line, is there any worse feeling in the world than vulnerability? Being so truthful with yourself and others by saying just what you feel, that you invite a slap, a snarl- maybe an embrace? Putting yourself on the line, everything out there- not to be judged but to be just you, honestly and authentically. That's scary folks, scarier than running into Bigfoot in your basement.

Anything you're dying to try but fear holds you back? Is there some kind of secret dream you hold in your heart, afraid to share it with anyone, even your closest chum- for fear that they just wouldn't understand or worse, wouldn't encourage you to succeed? Don't we all have these dreams, these fantasies to be something more than we dare to be? Let's take a day, say January something- and be daring. We'll call it "Dream Dare". It will be a state holiday and everyone will embrace their gifts and be what they were called to be. Everyone, so no one would feel vulnerable, left out.'s an inspired thought- how about right here, right now on this page I'll tell you a story. Oh, wait a minute! I already do. Unwavering wonder laid out, day by day, brick by brick- because if I do, you might too. I say looky here! Look at this idiotic thing I've done, or here my heart breaks or here my heart soars...when relaying these tales of woe and wonder, don't you feel something other than your own fears, can't you see how we all mesh in one way or the other? That the secrets aren't really secrets, they're just stories aching to be told and held and loved?? Even if they're ugly stories, chances are someone else will read them, know them and see the beauty there and connect with their own dotted morse code of events that has messages they too might deliver some day to another vulnerable soul.

Pardon me. My writing little bits sometimes becomes gigantic essays unshackled by grammar and correct punctuation- as I race around, unbridled... and say too much when the point I was trying to make is this- Be true to yourself and kind to others- it's alright, it's enough and it's really all any of us can be...our vulnerable, weak, strong, gentle, loud, obnoxious, scary, off-key, lovely selves. Amen.


Anonymous said...

NO Better music, no better food, no better people,,, the blucat ROCKS. Kudos to the owner/chef/singer/songwriter for having a dream and seeing it through to fruition. And for having the good sense to hire a great waitress. And,,,, for sharing it with all of us.

Jayne said...

Amen indeed. I love that... be ourselves and be kind. It's really that simple. Have a beautiful day.

truewonder said...

The dream is a big one...Jill opens up to everyone, her wish is to lift up and is all inclusive. And she is a riot to work with, inspiration is stewed daily and ladled out like food for your soul that sticks to your ribs. And I'll tell you, as good as a cook that she is, Jill is even better at singing/songwriting-an amazing artist. (She thinks I am disarming...but secretly, I just don't suffer fools all that well. My precious energy levels wane when dealing with mean spirited folks. I just smile and try to be often kinder than necesarry...that's about the best disarment tactic I know.)
And yes, have a beautiful day too!!

Anonymous said...

Here everyone has been looking all over for bigfoot and he has been in your basement all this time go figure. Both the food and the music were good. good time.


Anonymous said...

I picked up food from the Blucat last night, and it was wonderful!!
I hadn't eaten there before. LOved Jill she helped me pick out what to order over the phone. I'll be back . . . and maybe I'll see you there!
Kim W.

bam said...

ahhhh dear true, dream dare....what a concept. as a fellow traveler on the road to baring what pumps the heart, what breaks it, what stirs it, i must say you hit the nail right on the head. i can't carry a tune for more than one note (and even then it's probably off a key or two) but i too sometimes wish i could add oomph to my words by making sound come out of my soul. oh, that would be the whole package. i think that music was invented to take over where human language fails. i love this piece. i love that you bare your heart day in and day out.......