Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wherever We Are From

A Brighter Son

Hope became the sounding call
so many found as needed
and took a stand though not alone
as a passionate call proceeded
To this day- comes a brighter son
for many had ceased to cope
The pliable man before us now
shares a vision of rise and hope
His skin and kin don't matter
his voice aligns with one
You and I must come together
Wherever we are from
A bridge builder, this architect-
a man for young and aged
What one could say, good or bad
join the many now elated.
The work laid bare for all to see
though many trunks may pout-
Must get behind the "yes we can"
And move beyond that shout
If we think we can- you can
If you think you can't- we won't
This precious day in history
Unites us all at once.
The years to come will show in time
whether we were wrong or wise
though history might true declare-
that hope steadfast, did rise.
T.L Starks 11/05/08


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Anonymous said...

I am so blessed to have such amazingly talented friends. Very well put girlfriend. Love you

Jayne said...

WOW, what a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing... :c)

bam said...

this is beautiful. i love it in poem, i love it in spirit. i love that all around the globe we are united in holding hands and spinning. spilling tears of deep and profound and once in a breathtaking joy. xoxoxo