Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Call Of The Wild

Sunshine and there any better combination? With camera in hand, dogs in tow, Carharts snapped to keep out the wind- I began an adventure out to the great little bit of woods I have come to love and count on. Since October, I had not been to visit my little peaceful sanctuary. "Why?" you ask...because I had forgotten what a restorative place the woods are, the cold and iciness of winter sometimes keeps me indoors seemingly against my will. Nah...I'm just lazy in the little lighted days that present themselves between November and January. But finally, the time had come- the call of the wild hollered out across the fields and I answered.

A favorite activity since I was a child is tracking. After a snow, it's quite interesting to see who's been scampering about, to see where they're going or where they've been. Rabbit tracks across a frozen pond, ending at the edge where the spring seldom freezes- and the still tender grasses there left to be munched on.

As I was entering the woods to the west, Stubby disappeared into a gully where the deer bed down. He yelped, came out running- and this big old coyote thought he had lunch on the run.

(If you click this picture, it should enlarge- much more vivid!)

"What we have here is a failure to communicate..."

As the coyote chased after Stubby, he hadn't counted on Gideon and Gracie on the other side of the gully. I snapped this picture as Stubby raced behind me and Gideon the lion hearted took chase after the coyote.

The dogs and the coyote raced around, in and out of the woods- finally ending with a watchful stance. Stubby's size and the coyotes appetite must have seemed intriguing enough to keep the coyote interested as he continued to watch over us. Finally the labs companionship proved too daunting to the coyote and he loped off into the bigger woods.

But the adventure had only just begun! Gideon worked relentlessly on getting this possum out of a hole. She then proceeded to shake the poor thing to death, or was it merely...

Playing possum!

(I stood around about 30 yards away to make sure this guy resurrected itself. It sure looked dead, with snow caked in it's mouth and nary moving a muscle...but I suspected all along it was playing. Fooled the dogs for sure!)

Hmmmm....this was a really interesting form I came upon. Could it be the missing link? What could make such marks in the snow???
A forty-something -year-old-child at play...

The sun is shining again today! And the temperature is fixing to rise...after work, I may just have to take that walk again, out to the woods, along the path sparkling with diamond dusted snowflakes. Beauty is all around us, even in the cold frame of winter. Like a shutter on a camera, snapping it all up, intimate details exposed.

Hope you enjoyed taking a walk with me, I sure enjoyed sharing the view. Take care-


Anonymous said...

I've been a big baby lately, staying inside a lot. So thank you for letting me see the fun outdoors from inside in the heat! And how dare that coyote think of the captain as a meal? It's a good thing Stub has big friends.

Love, Rhi

Anonymous said...

These last 2 days are my favorite kind of winter days. I go outside and breath deep and wake up my soul. After feeding the cattle I wandered up into the middle of the section in the pickup (the boys in the bed)and looked at tracks only thing i just saw the coyotes tracks (it figures because i had a varmit rifle in backseat) The night sky has been incredible in these crisp temps. So go outside and embrace winter folks its so much better than whining about it.


truewonder said...

Well maybe brother, you ought to bring that varmint rifle northwest...sure could use some coyotes sighted in, every one of my chickens is gone. With that being said, sure am glad your soul and mine are connected. Beautiful comment sir.

Love to you to Rhi...get out and carhart up.. sunshine makes your boobs grow, really!

Sarah said...

I must have had lots and lots of sunshine then, lady. If you are having coyote trouble, please call me. J or his dad could take care of it for you, really. I'm so sorry about your chickens. That's so so sad. Wile E. Coyote-You're number's up!

Anonymous said...

Sunshine = bigger boobs? I'm in!!

haha, Rhi

troutbirder said...

What an outing! The picture of the dogs and coyote is unbelievable. I have never seen the like of it with a coyote. I did have one of my Chesapeake chase a deer I flushed pheasant hunting... only to come running back to me with a huge buck chasing after it. The deep got within about twenty yards before it even noticed me.

katales said...

I ventured out into Central Illinois cyberspace to hunt for organic/grassfed food and found myself tumbling into the delightful world of Beauregards Farm! I've only read January 2009 and am already hooked. Your pictures and writing are beautiful! I feel like I've discovered a secret and precious place full of natural beauty and deep thought; nicely dusted with humor. This blog could easily become a series of articles or a book. I, for one would become a fan. When the gardens are up and producing, I'd maybe also like to become a customer, and perhaps take a drive (I live in Jacksonville) to the little restaurant which features your produce. As I read, I am transported to the dream I once had; you very nearly are living it. Thank you for an unexpected gift and the sunshine in my heart on this cold January day.


truewonder said...

Kathryn, welcome...
And my goodness, you are so kind and also made my snowy morning heart full of sunshine by your thoughtful comment. Yes sirree, made my day and it is still early!

(I am now at the BluCat Cafe in Williamsville, and will be doing exclusive heirloom salad greens with this bus. until...anyway- am also becoming accidently music publicist for the cafe, because it's charm is a level of spirit that all transform too once inside. New talents coming from near and far to musically intertwine...March 1st being a bright, big day...more to come on that venue.)