Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To her timid soul

The first thing that occurred to me this morning:

How beautiful the Wiegelia is right outside my bedroom window.

How the sun placed a ray right where the starlight had penetrated before through the fold of the batiked curtain.

How the Peacock has taken over rise-and-shine duties, crowing in his half scream half clearing throat way- since the coyotes ate the rooster.

How that scream jolts me out of bed, where as the cockle doodle doo seemed more soothing...

And finally the realization, today is the day. Black Dog gets to ride in her favorite spot, in the old Ford bed- she'll ride with glee, knowing she'll get a cheeseburger, knowing she's with someone she loves most. Not knowing hopefully, that this will be her last ride. My old friend needs me to do for her what is very difficult but most needed at this time. My old friend, a great dog who was adopted by us several years back- apparently the folks who had her did not appreciate a good dog. She was not treated well and did not trust for the longest time. Once she did...she's kind of been my right hand. My sunshine when it rained, my ever loving, ever constant companion, in the woods, out of the woods...just the sweetest girl you can ever imagine.
She hated storms and took such comfort in riding out the foul weather under my chair, (since I always found storms quite mesmerizing...)

Lightening streaks
across the furious sky
rattling the windows
and Black Dog,
holding close to me
so afraid
of booming
shutting her eyes
to it all
cowering under
my wobbly chair
silly dog-
believing I am
magical and strong,
able to hold
harsh weather at bay
together we are
joined under eaves
weathering storms-
To her timid soul
I reach out
gesturing comfort by
a glance of my hand
as the sky bellows
with thunderous laughter
shaking the clouds


Anonymous said...

Made that trip few months ago. Long ride back home. God sent me comfort and I call her Gertie. How a human could be so heartless amazes me. To dump off an 8 pound dog in the rain? Life gives and takes, will say prayer for you today, you and Black Dog.

troutbirder said...

What a sweetie! My greatest and strongest hunter (Max the golden lab) was afraid of storms too.

Anonymous said...

I know that even though you know that you are doing the right thing it will still hurt just be assured that you are doing the last kind thing you can do for black dog. You and black dog are in my thoughts and prayers. and god bless all the strays in the world.


Gundo in Downtown said...

I am very sorry to hear about this. My thoughts and prayers are with you today,


Jayne said...

Love and peace to you this day...

truewonder said...

"God sent me comfort and I call her Gertie." What a beautiful lament, thank you for sharing. Me and Black Dog had our final ride together, she's a beaut. Next storm will probably bring me feeling nearer and further away to her than I ever have, yep. She'll sure be missed. She was a tired trooper yesterday, trusted me all the way up to the final nod. She knew. Ain't no doubt in my mind- the Doc came out to my truck bed, was completely beautiful in the service to my friend. Thanks all, my old friend is tromping somewhere... where the mushrooms are plentiful and storms never come.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about Black Dog. She will be missed very much!


katales said...

Stories of dogs last rides break my heart over and over again maybe because I've been the driver twice; first with Mina, then Alex; each slipping away with their heads in my lap feeling nothing but trust and love; my tears raining down on their heads. I probably waited a little too long with both of them. It's so hard even when it's the right and merciful thing to do. It took several years after Alex, but this spring a sad little 6 pound, tick covered, skin and bones "ditch by the side of the road puppy" found her way to my home and my heart, just as Gertie was brought to Anon. Little Sarah's no longer sad and is filling out nicely. I didn't think I was ready, but it looks like I am. I'm sorry to hear about Black Dog and your loss, but I'm sure you're right about the gleeful romping in mushrooms...and I agree about those veterinary angels who set them free with compassion, dignity and respect.

bam said...

i have missed you for weeks and days, andsuddenly had to come visit you here. and then i read this and my chest heaves with aching. i am soooooo sorry. God bless Black Dog, and black dog's most magnificent mama, the one who held her when she shook in fear.....God bless you true....

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

My heart is with you. I love my animals. I have 6 dogs. 4 outside and 2 minatures inside. They are well loved.
You are in my prayers and thoughts dear heart..
xoxo Nita

Evelyn said...

Oh, how difficult to say good-bye. Prayers are coming your way.