Tuesday, October 27, 2009

left hooks

"...it's a true wonder I breathe at all."

Damn. Ouch. And breathing is a miracle once again, deep breathing- though most needed right now, is out of the question. Shallow, shallow breaths and shallow thoughts and too much damage here as of late. And the list gets longer and longer and my reserves get shorter and shallower, only 17 days now to acquire a new vehicle, a trailer because all the plans made have gone to Hell in a handbasket. Although dear readers, do know- I will not be stifled, saddened maybe- beyond all reason... but stifled, nope.

I've waded through worse, walked a million miles- yes I have. Just thought, innocently-naively- that my quota on bad things happening to good people had been filled. It seems that I have to take everything on the chin...Okay, if that's the way it's got to be, Lord I pray-

No more left hooks.

(No need to go into detail, serves no purpose- those close to me know the deja vu stuff going on....anyway, in a few days I will be back with the lovely questions posed to me- answered. In the mean time,

Take care-)


Anonymous said...

Well even though its under bad circumstances, I hope I get to see you tonight. Stop by the house if you'd like. It's a mess but you're more than welcome.

Love, Rhi

Jayne said...


Audrey said...

Okay, I have declared a moratorium on Left Hooks and shallow breathing. From here on out it is ALL GOOD. I love you, you strong, stubborn, presistant, sister of mine.

bam said...

dear darlin, i've been away soo soo long, but here i come reading along, wondering, worrying.......trying to fill in backlines in my mind, reading between spaces in words and letters.....i am prayin. been thinking and thinking. but never poke around the computer much these days, and then here i come to pay a visit, and i don't like the sound of left hooks. sending radiant light and carpets of stars in your heavens....