Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My word? Wonder.

"Some people ask, “What if I haven’t found my true passion?”It’s dangerous to think in terms of “passion” and “purpose” because they sound like such huge overwhelming ideas.If you think love needs to look like “Romeo and Juliet”, you’ll overlook a great relationship that grows slowly.If you think you haven’t found your passion yet, you’re probably expecting it to be overwhelming.Instead, just notice what excites you and what scares you on a small moment-to-moment level.
If you find yourself glued to Photoshop, playing around for hours,dive in deeper. Maybe that’s your new calling.If you keep thinking about putting on a conference or being a Hollywood screenwriter, and you find the idea terrifies but intrigues you, it’s probably a worthy endeavor for you.You grow (and thrive!) by doing what excites you and what scares you everyday, not by trying to find your passion."
Derek Sivers is an entrepreneur and programmer.  Read and try

Good morning!  I receive weekly emails from a site that has nothing but good news, personal stories of triumph and a heads up on movements on the net that bring about solutions.  The above article depicts the word passion - just one of 70 useful words for 2010 on What Matters Now.  It seemed that many of the words offered had to do with finance and business, but all were composed in such a way that everyone might benefit from applying the  thought process to any task at hand.  Elizabeth Gilbert's word- "Ease".  After reading through the slides, I came upon her rendition, smiled and said-"I love Elizabeth Gilbert."   In my opinion, her thoughts always sum up everything outside of the box, whittle them away and in a nutshell- offer clarity to things I might not have seen had it not been for her clear observation.  I have seen her talks on Ted, interviews on television- she's always the consumate spokesperson for her craft but also like the rest of us- nervously fidgeting, scratching our heads, talking with our hands to draw out the point we're trying to make.  I think she has passion in a headlock, with every word- she wrestles it to the ground and squeezes out every drop.  

The website I visited asked for our own words- what might we add to the list that could change the tide of powerless thinking into a wave of fearless change.  My word?  Wonder.  In looking over my life, for years I merely squandered moments that turned drudgingly into long stretches of just getting by.  When tragedy befell my days, I looked upon the time to come as a constant struggle, not even sure if I had it in me to survive.  It was wonder, after all- that saved me.  To me, wonder is an ever evolving question- but also it is answers, open ended.  I suppose that outlook could drive a person crazy...though in my experience-wonder drives a person towards a life that is as wide as it is hopefully- long.  What is your word?  (And why...!)

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Anonymous said...

I love "wonder". Especially since I'm getting ready to change everything I know about everyday life. I won't be moving too far, but leaving home and all the comforts I know about it. And why? Because I am in wonder of actually living the life I never thought I'd have. And I'm in wonder of the fact that I never thought a person this wonder-ful would ever love me!! (Thanks for your advice by the way!) My, my how life can change in no time at all. It's a true wonder :)

Love, Rhi

truewonder said...

Amen! always had it in you, trouble is- sometimes we look in the faces of those who cannot love themselves and the reflection becomes a bit distorted. Looking to others with the same joyful attributes and outlooks, we finally see something of ourselves and wa-laa-Love!
Thank you sweetheart, love you!

Audrey said...

My word would be "grace" a generosity of spirit, a capacity to tolerate, accomadate and forgive. unmerited favors received from my maker.
A word that describes very well the spirit of my true wonder friend.
Love you, miss you,

ConsciouslyFrugal said...

My word would have to be "awe." It is where I meet God, be it in a cathedral of trees or the brokenness of another soul walking this crazy path of life. I feel awe in the most unlikely of places and do my best to remain open to it.

Jayne said...

LOVE the new blog look!

Wonder... a wonderful word and way to see the world indeed. My word? These days, probably "awareness" as I am in a phase of my life where I am more aware than ever... aware of my breath, aware of my feelings, and aware of my limitations as well as my choices in how I want my life to unfold. Wonderful post my friend.

troutbirder said...

Great loss. Then stubborness to go on. Not a good long term plan. Quiet places. Awareness. Then wonder. I think I'll stick with wonder too for the long haul.

truewonder said...

Wow..I just returned from a small trip and read here-
wonder again!

Never doubt that a small concerned group of citizens can change the world...
I see so much concern not only for the well being of individual lives, but a pattern here that considers all living things. How could it not when our thoughts and actions consider how we truly view the world around us as hopeful, not a tinge of hopelessness among us. The long haul is looking up...