Wednesday, September 1, 2010

That Which Perpetuates Good

Sometimes I wonder why people do what they do in terms of a living.  Some I suspect just do what they have to - to get by, feed their families, make the payments.  I know this farming thing is a tough gig, but it's a workout all the same and keeps me plenty busy, meeting just about every need I have- spiritual, physical, emotional.  I have worked many jobs in my lifetime, most of those meeting the first criteria of doing what I had to do just to get by, but I always grew something.  I felt immense pride and joy in putting food on the table that I grew.  The kids would always roll their eyes after every exclamation-"Came from the garden kids!"  Or at the winter table-"These pickles were grown right here, by golly- last July, aren't they good?"  More eye rolling, more sense of embarrassment when their friend happened to be eating with us.  "Mom is such a hippy!"  (I'm too young to be a hippy....)  I think now though, the kids are happy with the jams that come their way, via the postal service these days.  I dream that they sit at their tables, buttering their bread and smiling big as they glob on big spoons of homemade goodness from Mom's are kind of reluctant to let you know when something as soft and gooey as jelly touches their heart.  My aim is always there, past their stomach and through to their tickers.

I have always encouraged my children to vote, taking them to the booths with me, explaining the process was a big deal, something when they were little they boasted about at school, displaying proudly the flag sticker that went along with vote casting.  I know Emma is a registered voter, not sure on the other two- I recall hearing of Em's first vote, the memory recalled by her with pride.  But I also hope I instilled something just as important as that vote- which, in all honesty does not carry the weight it once did.  Nowadays- I vote with my bucks.  I try to perpetuate the good being done by those who take from the land and give more back.  Those who handmake  clothing and use resources close to home which helps their local economy out.  I try to buy from the guy that makes pillowcases and donates a dollar of every sale to a program that offers shoes to children who don't have any.  I buy glasses upon glasses of lemonade from the local 4-H who are trying to get needed funds for camps and learning excursions.  Imported stuff does not get my vote.  If the catalog business imports everything, I recycle their rag and purchase nothing from them.  I shop at Goodwill- apt name.  I'm a shopaholic for good will.  Buy USA gets my vote, if only more folks would vote-perpetuate with their bucks local shops and American made- the white washed big box stores might cease to send out all our "votes" to overseas corporations where the workers are treated inhumanely, I do not wish to perpetuate that.  Now there are some who'll say-"but those workers need that job!"  That may be so, but if the workers here are barely hanging on- my "vote" may just help them to get a better hold and gain solvency which perpetuates more jobs here....and so on and so on.

Perpetuates gets a bad image these days.  It does not necessarrily mean a negative.  It has only been reported as such- when a story needs the loudest vibe,  news people abuse the term- "Hitler perpetuates...", "KKK perpetuates....",  etc.  And I can definitely see why it was used, it is a looking through a smoky, scary lens until all the awe and mayhem can come into complete cloudy focus.  But there is another view, a deeper, hopeful and clearer lens- that which perpetuates good, positive and powerful change.  Seeing like that begins with our vote, our buck, our relationship with money that might truly turn the tide, little by little.
I ask you to deeply consider your wallet, the votes in it- what does that next purchase perpetuate?

Take care-


Jane said...

Great post - I try to buy local as well, including the Goodwill shop and the farmer's market. Hope that you are well!


Jayne said...

I wish I were more conscious like you.. it's a goal to set for myself.
Oh, and you do know that one day, your kiddies will be sitting around the table with their own and will be smiling as they remember mom's fresh made wonderfuls? :c)

Rhiannon said...

That picture of the tomatoes, just made my mouth water!!!!

Donna Henderson said...

Dandy post, girlfriend. Love the bright red in the photos; nice contrast with your baby-blue and white background. I can't read the thingies at the bottom, however. Too light. BTW, ditto on the St. Jude's support. No more worthy cause, IMO. Carry on, then, and I shall do the same. Ta ta ~~~

troutbirder said...

Exactly. Its not always the easiest route. But its the one we need for lots of reasons. And yes I can the jams and applesauce around here. :)

truewonder said...

Most definitely not an easy route, but I feel a responsibilty towards sustainability, I cannot just preach it- so with my buck I say just how far does this vote go? I try to make sure my votes are far reaching.
Ahh Jayne, I hope so. Good for you Jane, actually good for many with that attitude.
Thank you there Donna, I'll tend to that, most appreciated.
Rhi!!!What are you doing reading the blog...big day right around the corner, I'll be there! In Illinois right now at this typing!
TB, you are a man for all seasons.

ConsciouslyFrugal said...

I am a big advocate of locally-made everything and the power of a dollar as a vote. But I also respect global communities that could use my help. I think the model presented in Slow Food is one of sustainable globalism (which is, of course, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the life-suffocating model we currently employ), where farmers share technology with each other sans patents, etc.

But a piece of clothing made with spit and floss by a 13 year old child who must brush her teeth with ashes because she's too poor to own a toothbrush? Monsanto corn that's killing livelihoods of farmers here, in Mexico and abroad?No thanks.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! Standing. Ovation. This is incredibly powerful! You ARE a TRUE WONDER!!! So when do you start writing your syndicated column? :-)) So glad I have the opportunity to get to know you!! I love you already!! ~Janine XO

wheatgerm said...

voting is fun

bam said...

dear darlin, been way way too long, but i'm home nearly alone on a sacred night and somehow was pulled over to here. just did some catchin up. love every word. your red-headed girl is beyond gorgeous. oh, maine seems to suit you. this has been a little bit of heaven. thank heaven you are a writer, for these postcards are perfect. pull our hearts into the very same moment.....spread over distance and time. it's some kind of miracle how words can make both time and distance flicker away......xoxoxo

truewonder said...

Janine, Bam and all, well thanks must be made, a bit late...too much to see and do now, happily heavily, writing is always on the back of my mind- simmering.
To be syndicated would require publishing and I am not ready to be showed "this is the way." I like my way, rambled and rustic. Free here, love the freedom of blogging...anyway, greatly appreciate and am humbled by your words of appreciation. And yes oh yes, Maine suits me wildly. Take care-