Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kindle No Fires

The season of plenty is upon us.

Oh my, it's getting a bit dusty here ...Maine has grabbed ahold of me again, making me see all of the wildflowers and an earlier than what I'm use to- autumn.  We certainly lack the rain these days, but the colors and coolness and fruit ripening too soon on the vine...well, whew!!!  I have been busy taking it all in.  (That'd be the views and the fruit.)  And just to add a bit of a pickle to the large volume of going's on lately, myself and a small core group of history, farming, spiritual lovers are trying to restart and revamp a pre-civil war Grange hall.
....lest it rains.

Which, may I say- is very much to my liking, one of those labors of love I've gotten involved in.  The old building caused me to fall in love with it at first sight two years ago upon my first visit to Maine.  And now I've attended a few meetings, have actually been inside and felt the years embrace me.  The old place has no bathrooms except, except oh my yes, heaven to be found in a little two-holer out back.  His and Hers.  The building is exactly as it should be except it is not on the historical register...yet.  So for my winter work, I will be historian, interviewer, photographer AND part time traveler...oh, and one more hike in late September to Cutler Maine, once again.  I must see the views there, take the long way around- this time with a hiker friend.  All in all, I'd say I've got some experiencing to do, and you dear reader will be filled in on all the details coming soon.
(The bright yellow chairs over there...............................................>>>>>>>
caught my eye on a recent trip around the Bay of Fundy- marvelous yellow, bright seats sitting atop a rocky ridge and they said to me-"To sit one must first strive a bit...)

Enjoy these threshold days, these deeper hued, richer yellowed  fragrant last blossoms on the vine, sunny eyed sunflower times.  We know what waits to blanket us, all too soon to come...take care-
Busy bees can't decide between the intoxicating buckwheat or the deep red sunflowers.


Jayne said...

I love this transition time... it's my favorite time of year. The transition into fall and then spring. Love the bright yellow chairs awaiting those determined enough to sit in them for the view. :c)

troutbirder said...

The Bay of Fundy is such a wonderful place especially for the first time visitor. I recall getting up in the morning from my tent high on a hill and looking out over the bay & mumbling something stupid to myself like...my god the ocean disappeared. :) oh and a river that turns backwards.

truewonder said...

Jayne, aren't they sunny? I'm drawn to clotheslines and chairs out of the norm.
TB-I'm wondering if you camped at Cobscook Bay? This area is under utilized and it's natural rugged beauty is enthralling(though the highest tides in the world do change everything)...doesn't surprise me at all you found it! And yes, the Reversing Falls in Pembroke-my you do get around!

Rhiannon said...

Ah, September. What's keeping me going? You will be here soon!!! Love ya!