Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall keeps within us

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge

How lovely is this Autumn!  I hope I don't ever take for granted these colors...never have I seen such enormity of  beauty in the change of a season.  At first I found myself a bit melancholy, I recall the Big Fish wondering what the heck was up with me-

"I don't know...maybe it's the change of seasons.  I get like this...."

Good enough explanation for the man, although he avoided me in wide-walking-around circles for the rest of that day.  Smart man.

My fella works in the local paper mill, an economic anchor here in this area.  He's been employed by the mill for over thirty years.  He just got through and over a two week 12 hour day, no time off run...I missed him a bit.  This past week and still counting today- he has been on vacation.  Wood splitting, stacking, yard clean up, installing a new wench so we don't wrench our backs so much, and he's suggesting I clear out the gardens for fall tilling...

"What?!  It hasn't even frosted yet, I like to keep the sunflower stands for winter feeds for the birds and the marigolds and cosmos are still beautifully vibrant and ever blooming...."

"Yes deah, I understand that (his stock reply to my long winded explanations for why I do the things I do...), but we've got to clear the ground and get ready..."

"AAARRRGGHHH!!! Don't say it, please- I know what's coming, I do!  But, but, but..."

So into the hoophouse upon a drying table the sunflower heads went, and all along the chicken wire walls the hydrangeas did go, drying perfectly mounded and the herbs are hanging here and there and all across the garage.  Apples are piled high in a work area, I've only attended half of them, putting away enough apple sauce to feed a small army, still have the apple butter to work out.  Pears have been pickled in a crock and fruit flies are gathering like a buzzing congregation around the blueberry liqueur vessel.  This preservation time is a time of experimenting with new recipes, improving old modes of storing and restoring old ways I loved doing but over the last several years, had no time for.  I am as busy as the bees I see still gathering pollen, I am as happy as the fat blue jays stealing and storing all the sunflower seeds that they can jam into their cheeks, I am as silent at times, in the splendid solitude I find out by the old camp- as the yellow gilled mushrooms appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

I marvel at the once shy trees along the roadways, never before have they had their say as they do now- standing as if in a cotillion, all decked out in their finest finery- keeping time just as well as their seasoned evergreen boastful neighbors.

And I am thankful once again, for the preservation of this time.  Fall keeps within us- a chain of memories.  We add to it, link by link- a charm from each successive year and the one at hand.  Winter puts to sleep all growth, Spring is fine for newness, Summer keeps us on our toes, but it is Autumn truly, that reflects every deed done by the sun and rain, storm and ice- manifesting brilliance!

Yes- I know what is to come.  But for now, the gathering continues, the momentum- almost at it's peak- slows like tires on a gravel road and I...well- I make haste in viewing the thickness of a time that soon will thin into the bare branched limbs of winter.  My memory made rosary of Fall bears witness to yet another sustainable harvest.

Take care-


Gail said...


such a busy, natural, wonderful Autumn around your place. I loved reading of your gardens and seeds and fruit and apple sauce and seasonal chores. I am humbled by your hard work and your husbands too. :-)
Happy Fall
Love Gail

can I buy some of your apple sauce and apple butter?

troutbirder said...

What a beautifully summary of the season. And that first picture of the birch reflection on the water. Wow!

Rhiannon said...

Fall is my favorite time of year by far!! I just noticed on my drive to work this morning that the leaves are turning here. I'm so happy that you're as happy as the fat blue jays!! I was just telling my friend at lunch, I've had this familiar, yet unfamiliar feeling lately ... I'm truly happy!! What a lovely fall this is going to be :) I love you!

Jane said...

You have been really busy! Lovely pictures!


Jayne said...

What a beautiful ode to autumn.... :c)

truewonder said...

OH, I didn't mean to make it seem so busy, but yes- I guess so. Labor of love, all of it.
And Rhi...take each day as it comes, open to it all, yes- you do so deserve the happiness and love surrounding you. I love you too miss sunshine. Hug.
I haven't yet made the butter and the apple sauce I freeze actually. I bet there are some local farms in your area beyond glad to accommodate your wishes. I am not certified to resale my preserves. Maybe some day? AS I love to preserve!
Thank you, it is an ode isn't it? Sun is shining today, Garlic needs planted, thanks for stopping by.
Take care-

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, my dear write so beautifully of my favorite time of year...and your photos are extraordinary!!! This post elicits a quiet, reflective mood...and I feel at peace reading your lovely words...Thank you!!! I'm so glad I know you!!! You have brought much joy into my life!!! Love you! Janine XO

truewonder said...

Thank you for your kindness, it means much to me too!
Someone stole my new, wonderful, mega zoom camera last trip to Illinois so I've been left to diddle around with an old, mechanically flat thanks for enjoying the scenery through a rather tattered lens. More to come on Fall in Maine, I'm overloaded with the joy of it.