Saturday, October 16, 2010

sputtering away

Apple butter is sputtering away on the stove, canner at the ready to take it all in and preserve it through a boiling water bath.  The weather here in deep east Maine has been so beautiful, the roadsides washed in blazing colors- the likes I've never seen before.  Wherever I go, in my lap rests my old rickety camera- as some misguided soul stole my new one on my last trip to Illinois.  My zoom now is more like a sputter, my wide angle seems more like a key hole and there is no eye piece, which I really don't like.  I have my heart set on a new Canon but am waiting for some matching funds to come through.  I still take pictures and  have even been trying my hand at videos.  Luckily, the Big Fish and I have encountered three moose in the last week and have video taped with hilarious results.  He grunts like a moose and I laugh...all caught on audio.  I have shared one film with my friends and family, the others are damning...though when friends and family visit, maybe the shameful flicks will be just the ice breaker most needed to loosen things up a bit...hopefully, their curiosity getting them in gear to explore.

"See how foolish we are?  And you can be too...C'mon, let's go for a drive!"

 When my kids come to visit, even though what is going on outside is far more interesting than what's being played on the mind numb-er, they still spend too much time in front of the set and have made all the necessary adjustments to bring about the best programming and picture.  I always have work for them to do on our communication devices- so, I can't complain too much.

"Can you change the ink in the printer?"  "How do I upload this?" "Burn this CD for me...please?!"

We are nontechnical savvy folks...we can't for the life of us figure out our Wii, and how we might stream movies right to our television set.  I truly don't like TV and mainly watch PBS and documentaries.  Netflix has proven to be a great source of entertainment though the man and I do not see eye to eye on which films are best, so out of two choices- we have agreed to sit through each other's movies, out of love and respect I tell myself.  (Though I usually read a book while he watches his History and SyFy stuff.)  Is it just me or have times really gotten rotten when the life of a hokey haired exterminator is entertaining?  OK, it's just me...and reason enough not to watch what passes as entertainment these days.  Thank goodness for the library!

Times up...the canner calls.  Have a great weekend, may these pictures of "the season of fullness" inspire you to get out and wander.
Take care-


Jane said...

Beautiful photographs. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Hope that you are keeping well,


Jayne said...

I can only imagine the colors up there in your neck of the woods right now.... thanks for sharing the visual. OK, so I have to admit it... we like "Hey Billy" too! But, I figure the reading I do makes up for the fluff I tend to watch... lol. Bet that apple butter will be DElicious when the weather is too cold to contemplate!

Anonymous said...

sorry about the camera, Mom's been putting up apple butter also (it is awesome and just great on hot biscuits on a cold day) we had quite the apple crop here a lot went to waste on the ground but still had plenty to go around. Harvest is over and I'm down to 2 days of fall tillage then its back to bookwork and shopwork. I dont think our fall color will be as good this year because of the warm weather. stay safe


Rhiannon said...

If these pictures are taken with the old camera, I can't imagine how beautiful everything is in person!!

Shane came home with apples last week and requested a pie. I guess I'll be baking this week :)

troutbirder said...

What a mellow post. Fall leaf tours here a very popular for our guests from the Twin Cities. It was a good year for that. And for making apple butter & sauce. Which I do because everyone like it and it brings me back to my mom and all the "putting up" she did. With preserves and also me and my little brothers.

truewonder said...

Mellow is me lately. Time seems to have slowed down a bit...I'm still stuck in Autumn, or it's still stuck in me, most grateful for that.
Rhi, a man's heart gets a big buffering of love from his sweetheart's cooking. When does the cooking blog start, hmmmm. Apples seem a common good this time of year,
it seems we all relate by memory or present mode- positively to them.