Sunday, December 19, 2010

most silently

Good morning.

Another deep sigh...

The sun is shining, yes- I see it. 
 The bright-glow moon out last night- will I convey where it found me?

I hear the guineas
knee deep in cold-white,frozen fluffy powder- still calling, still alive.  The one leader always taking the first treacherous risks/steps so that the others might follow.  Ah, yes- I see that too. 

In time, I get it.

I see where someone plowed our drive as we were a bit unable for awhile.  All the hopeless moments I spent seething, wondering "where is the kindness, where are the friends, the others, the..." just like me, they take a bit to catch on maybe.  And then- there they were...helping; silently sweetly anonymously- lending a hand.
And we worry about so much, his job.  Our savings.  But we wonder too, more than worry- we wonder.

 The folks back home who struggle too, who lose too- their sure footing because someone hurt them in word or deed, right when they most needed assurance, a gentle strong kindness to see them through....
And then we see this morning, in the form of green carnations and bowed heads came griefs shared, sorrows carried for a time so the family who lost more than any of them can ever say, at least, at least they know that many have risen so that they do not have to. For now- the hearts of mankind are thawed, open, beating one tick at a time together, as the black limo passes.

  A kind act in snow removal, or a tiny, green tinged petal of a flower that lands at one's window at least, at least!  I can finally see what my eyes have painfully adjusted to- love bears all.

When others reveal to the one's who are suffering an out and out down-in-the-dirt-too raw empathy- that is compassion; the necessary ingredient in healing.  Without it, scars form over wounds that will not heal.  

And so it is at this time of year, the darkest days soon revealing more light- I pray for you and I pray for me, that we may find within ourselves deep wells of compassion. 
 And if you think it is not within you, I pray you think again- for even the most lowly among us have it there in that invisible dimension although no one ever knows this until it is shared.

 That's how it works and many, many times- most silently.  No words are necessary- green carnations, a bowed head, tears,sobs, a hand upon a shoulder, a nod of understanding, a squeeze of fingers... 
  A freshly plowed drive, by a black truck that no one seems to know who it's owner is.... 

Peace to you and yours.  And snow bright joy...take care-


Gail said...

I SO loved this post and the Winter scene is breathtaking. I clung to your eery compassionate word of hope and light and kindness given. I to ogained a deeper compassionate wisdom as I came to understand more fully that when someone is broken and in need and I think I know why or why mot that I must come to them with an open and humble heart and beneath their brokenness and never above it as all knowing - in doing so I can help to empower and uplift rather than oppress an already broken spirit.
This writing of yours today is God-inspired, Amen.

Love to you this Christmas and always
peace and hope for us all

Gail said...

in the first sentence i meant to type 'every' not eery oops

troutbirder said...

Beautiful winter scene. Quiet, seemingly cold but warm underneath the blanket, knowing for certain the warmth of another season will return again. Wishing you and yours True the joy of the Season.

Jayne said...

Sometimes, saying nothing is all it takes. A gesture of understanding and kindness can convey so much more than words at times where there simply are none. Love and warm hugs to you my friend.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Yes!!! Actions speak volumes!!! You are so wise!!! Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas and to send you my love!! ~Janine xo

Susan said...

Dear truewonder ~

You wrote: "And then- there they were...helping; silently sweetly anonymously- lending a hand."

My current Facebook status:

“What I've come to learn is that the world is never saved in grand messianic gestures, but in the simple accumulation of gentle, soft, almost invisible acts of compassion, everyday acts of compassion. In South Africa they have a phrase called ubuntu. Ubuntu comes out of a philosophy that says, the only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back at me.” ~ Chris Abani

And that is exactly what you did... not knowing me from Dorothy... leaving a comment on my blog that was the proverbial un-straw that propped the camel back up - thank you for your random compassionate kindness...

I've spent a bit of time toe-dipping in your blog... enough to know we have much in common, despite our geographic distances - Maine to Florida indeed!

I look forward to deeper exploration and continued sharing come the New Year... and am grateful the Universe sent you in my direction - may 2011 bring all you need and much of what you wish for... <3