Saturday, December 4, 2010

we already are

"It is what it is"
I have been keeping a running journal, farm news, poetry and pictorial life essay going for three years.  There were times I'd just as soon every one would quit looking at me, through me or even to me and then there were times when I found through the keyboard- a clarity that I would have never stopped to reflect upon had I not tapped it out.
Two hundred and seventy four times I have come on here and laid bare a story.  Does it matter to the universe that I do this, write a blog?
  Yes, in a way I think it does.  There have been times when my heart went out to you, when it reached out in order that someone might say- "there there now..."  When it beat excitedly with news about leaves or sprouts, sunrises- moons, mice and men, children and dogs...   Sometimes my heart was breaking, could you hear that too?  True calling is nothing but a toll, a has made a difference to me in that as I was changing, growing- hell, going to seed!  I chimed in...that's all.  This blog is the clear sound of my own music, the thing I was made to play.  I'm a little off key at times, a little flat, sometimes shrill- still it is my song you are hearing, the chord I was meant to strike as only I could.
See...I think that we all have a note to play, a chord that can be struck or strummed by no one else but us.  When we become that instrument, it is only then that we can truly sense the true rhythm of this world, of each other, of every thing.
But what do I know really?  I'm just a hayseed, and truly- I'm quite happy simply being a part of it all.  I'm glad I have my place here, though I would definitely share it if someone had the need to join the chorus...when you get right down to it, we all do have that need.   To be a part of it.   Thing is- we already are.  But we all too often silence our own joy, our own belonging when we silence our stories, our songs, our parts...

Just my two cents, thanks for listening.

Take care-

(Two hundred and seventy four dollars will be distributed to my son, his father and a local charity in honor of the anniversary of True Calling.)


troutbirder said...

Mmmmm. Yes. And some years ago your willingness and ability to look into you own allowed you see into mine. You mentioned it once and then moved on. I who write for some of the same reasons try to do it more by indirection and yet its all there. What you wrote help me both to move on and keep going.... for that I thank you. :)

Gail said...


".........I think that we all have a note to play, a chord that can be struck or strummed by no one else but us. When we become that instrument, it is only then that we can truly sense the true rhythm of this world, of each other, of every thing...."

I so love what you wrote and what it means - I believe these words completely. Thank you for reminding me of my own self as an instrument, uniques only to me and that when played and heard all is in tune, in rhythm, hallelujah

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and yours
Love Gail

Jayne said...

I just said to a friend the other day that I've been posting to my little blog almost every single day for five years...and yet, if I die tomorrow, there it will be, just floating out there for eternity? I've told my husband that if anything ever were to happen to me, I'd want him to at least post it for me so those who come would know I am gone. And, I've often looked into those services which offer to compile it all in a book, but who would want it really? And so... I put this little pieces of me out there to do what? To be able to meet up with people like you here, share the journey and the song and be better and stronger for it. Yeah. That's what it's all about. Blessings to you my friend. Keep on writing here and know that your words are heard.

Jane said...

I love your words and wisdom. Wishing you the best, always.


Rhiannon said...

You know what this reminded me of, Grandpa Luther wrote a journal. Did you ever see it? I should ask grandpa for it. It talked about the people he visited with, how his garden was doing, stuff like that. And I loved reading it b/c for a little while, I got to know him. Thanks for singing your song to us!

truewonder said...

I'm so isn't always easy to say things, I do weigh it out- whatever I write, whatever I do- guess I'm trying best to live my philosophy, higher purpose always involves others, it's never a sole venture.
Jane, Jayne...such good neighbors. Jayne, why not?! It's concrete, hold it in your hands, lay it on your coffee table, let you mom show it off- you have every reason to be proud of what you bring, it is a daily blog motivated by love. We all need that, need to see that, be reminded of that, knocked over the head by that! Print your book.
Rhi- I did not know that. I didn't know Luther very well, although I knew he was intelligent, a gardener- liked to grow his own food. I'd give anything to hear a bit of what he had to say. I long to know him and that side of the family better...
And Gail, glad you heard the echoes ringing here. I appreciate your view, thank you.