Monday, March 21, 2011

The Little Starts

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. --James Levin

~Garden Stakes~
The Big Fish and I have been busy...

We have recently collaborated in our slow-dance-two-step-honky-tonk-bluesy-sway way, and built a seed shack.
  I am the frugal farmer and  he- the techno toy boy;  you don't have to spend money if you take the time to innovate and expand an idea with materials at hand versus install fans, run electricity and make sure it's all on the level.
So- we take the best of both worlds, lay it out and intertwine a design that is efficient, cheap, and maybe a little bit crazy though mostly- sustainable.

Hoop house, seed shack, new kitchen in the works...I don't ask for these things.  He simply listens.  I talk too much at times...(dreaming out loud) and he listens equally as much- somehow, we have become quite in tune with one another,  I am spoiled now too.  Not like a bad egg but like a good pile of compost- broke down in such a way that deep in the center there seems to be something remarkable and useful in keeping our union quite fertile.  He finds me amazing at times, the feeling is there any other joy that matches the art of a relationship that is both reciprocal and amazing?!

I come from a place way back when, where dreams were kept stifled and still.  Now I dance.  In the seed shack.  The Big quiet Fish smiles shyly and eventually gets up from his listening post- and we waltz, forgetful of the crooked, potholed roads we both have traveled, of world hunger and sadness- amnesia sets in and there we twirl in the center of the universe.

~Sweet Guy~

The seeds we plant may not make up for quakes, for seas sweeping in and taking more than is humanly bearable, but the little starts- the first true leaves of a new tiny creation here, seems a solid investment for a hopeful future.

 I cannot control the climate in the universe- but I can somewhat right here, right now- control the garden given me to tend.
Pocket Knife Seeding Method

Seeds of life and seeds of dreams- at least, it is something more than a chance or twist or a quake- it is a choice made daily to grow flowers and fruit; to hold up my end and if need be, take up the slack where so many who suffer through no fault of their own- have lost their grip.

Take care-


Rhiannon said...

Now this is what I call "good wonder". When you sit back and wonder to yourself ... "how did I ever get to be this lucky?". Who would have thought that we'd find people who feel just as lucky that they get to help our dreams come true? :) Love ya.

troutbirder said...

Those who plant and garden surely believe in tomorrow. )

bam said...

ah, dear true, this is why i love you. the way you live the way you write. i nearly caved on the sentence about how little starts don't make up for quaking earth and waves that take too much......your ever-beautiful perspective is pure poetry and prayer. and i am reminded again and again of what a gift i found the day i drove down double-nickel to meet you, to gather your story, and to tell it to the world. big fish sure is a beauty, non???? thanks for passing that along. much love. thank you for giving me reason to hope.....

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sunshine!

One day I am going to meet this lucky man who found this lucky lady. Isn't love grand? I am reading your post on our 32nd wedding anniversary - a milestone we will celebrate another day when we can slow down and enjoy each other and reflect back on the years. (This week we are celebrating being the grandparents of a 6.75 yr. old Carson and loving every minute of it.) Sometimes the comfort, the familiarity, the security of one another takes hold (along with everyday life) and we can let the dancing slip to the wayside. Thanks for reminding me to dance today - with a little guy in the center of us - and I think I'll even suggest to Rick we dance in a cute little dreamy greenhouse in our backyard! :-) Hugs! K