Monday, April 4, 2011

that eternal bubbling

A heavy crop of snow.
Once again the blog is the last thing on my mind, but I do want you to know that as I wander and work, my camera is always with me.  I capture this and that with the good intention of turning it into a blog post.  For instance, this pic is from my walk on Saturday morning- after Mother Nature thought it would be cute to dump 14 inches of snow on us as an April Fool's joke.  This poor little guy wasn't laughing-

A mighty little force of nature.
He was on my trail, in a rut as deep as a railroad tie- how something so fragile, so tiny could survive a snow storm in Maine and remain intact is another great mystery I hope I never solve.  I picked him up quite gingerly, my heart sank as I figured he was as good as dead- but apparently the warmth of my hand was all he needed to revive.  I placed him inside my coat and turned around early from my walk- I needed to get this little fellow into my warm seed shack until Spring really came for him.  Just as I rounded the bend on the lane, up and out he fluttered- to an old dead Birch tree near my mailbox- maybe the loosened bark on that tree would serve a cocoon like purpose.  It still amazed me, the whole small experience of finding a butterfly in April in Maine in a foot of snow....
Raised beds in the hoop house- snow bank outside.

And those seeds started in the seed shack in March in Maine are now doing quite well.  We have 31 flats started and are fixing to start about 20 more if I can make more room.  The Asian greens are already to be put into a colder climate as well as some turnips I started- I know, I know but I can't help my self.  I'm a Midwesterner by birth and now is the time to plant this stuff!  Last year at a market I sell at, some folks thought I was a witch or something- bringing greens and radishes to fruit too early for mere mortals- nah, I just don't know any better.   What's a little snow or frost- that's what they make plastic blankets and straw for.                                                                                                                                                           

I haven't had the best of luck recently- on a beautiful perfect day I wrecked my truck.  Blueberry pie went flying, accelerator had a mind of it's own and frost heaves in the road set it all in motion.  I hurt my pride and my shoulder but all else worked out.  Although- take this to heart and heed it from someone who wished they had.- 
If you get a recall on your vehicle- do as it says.  I just received mine in the mail two days prior to the accident- it encouraged me to remove the floor mat- this encouragement I did not read until after the wreck.  If only...

Well, that's just about it in a nutshell- seeds are started, more work to do there.  Snow is covering this lovely land but surely will recede soon when the temps hit the 50 mark, as they are rumored to do come midweek.
Guineas do not like the white stuff.
I hope your Spring is bringing that eternal bubbling about in your veins, may you feel looser, may you be free to wander and wonder at the small things bursting through the earth just at your feet.  Something in that tiny stem excavates a person's soul from the deep, cold trenches of winter- the thaw begins as light reaches in and all is made anew once more.  
Take care-


troutbirder said...

Jeez True what a bummer. This to shall pass. Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota. I'm off trouting as soon as my sore throat to shall finally pass... :)

Gail said...

Hi there-

wow, a snow storm, a wrcked truck and a flying blueberry pie. A great metaphor for life especially since you maintained your sense of humor and held on to your faith and hope.Hallelujah. and Happy Spring
Love Gail

Rhiannon said...

I'm glad you're okay!! I'm trying to figure out how I can do a small garden this year. What a rude awakening this summer will be when I can't run over to grandpa's on a whim to get a fresh tomato for my hamburger!!! Love ya!

truewonder said...

Raised bed, square foot gardening- you can do alot with a little, less weeding, more plants in small area. Gail, amen.
Troutbirder- I bet your blood is bubbling good, trout!!! They've just started here, cold and snowy as it is- wading and fishing for the most anticipated fish of the season.
If you are able, swallow about a 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. cayenne in warm water. It's awful for a bit but will cure a mild to medium sore throat instantly. Or this too shall pass and think good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Was it your sweet green pickup truck? I hope not. I always loved that pickup. You need to come back and let dear, sweet Michelle get that shoulder feeling new again. She worked wonders on my neck/back/sinuses Sat. She heals one inside and out. Such a dear! 14" of snow = yuck! We are planting corn here - well, we did yesterday before the rains. I started my herbs indoors. Do you start your swiss chard indoors? I was waiting, waiting, waiting, and now time has slipped by. Miss you bunches and take care of that shoulder! Love, K

ConsciouslyFrugal said...

So sorry about the wreck! But so grateful that you are ok. Oy.