Wednesday, April 20, 2011

unfolding the green

Earth, my dearest, I will. Oh believe me, no more

of your springtimes are needed to win me over--, one,

ah, a single one, is already too much for my blood!  Rainier Maria Rilke

Cool blue morning-North Conway, NH
 Are you still visiting this all too often quiet blog?  It is a reflection of it's owner as I have been pretty quiet and consciously busy.  Not in a rip roaring way but in a steady kind of pace, following the seedlings.  I've had a post whiplash headache, every morning I wake up and hope it's gone.  Still here, but getting softer, more tolerable.  It's making me patient.  I hate that.  Who wants to be patient?!  The new plants require it.  The day to day weather of my Downeast home site teaches it most, I can put up a fuss and be beside my self with worry or I can simply enjoy this pace as I know too well how quickly it will pick up.
Cute kid
 A friend called upon me last week to visit another friend's farm with her, see the new faces there.  Before I left, the Big Fish was adamant...and really pretty hasty with his command- "NO GOATS!"
Goats?  Who said anything about goats dear man, I was only going to go and see, take pics and revel in the sunshine.  Pee-shaw- goats, isn't he silly?!  (I'm working on him, believe you me....)
Irving, do you hear that??
Maude, you're driving me insane- it's too early I tell you!
 And, Moosehorn Wildlife Refuge requires my utmost attention these days...the eagles are patiently waiting, I often find both of them on the nest as of late.  I neglect to bring my tripod, although the camera is always ready to take these fuzzy but telling shots.
First volunteer of Spring
 There is still snow in our woods, I can see it from the deck- although that doesn't seem to stop the little volunteers from flowering, what a happy sight to see!
Pussy Willows~fuzzy jewels of Spring
 I remember back in Illinois trying to get these things to grow in my woodlot.  No such luck, ever.  Here in Maine- pussy willows grow everywhere and in New Hampshire too as this is where I took this photo on a recent hike.
Seed Shack getting a bit crowded
 I love my seed shack.  I'm like a little kid, having to be called in to supper about nine times!  The only reason there is a post today- ran out of transplanting pots...

Spring brook in banks of snow
And finally, something new my eyes have to adjust to, time and time again- more awe.  Traveling the woods- walking, trudging sometimes through snow then mud, sometimes bogs that aren't quite at their boggy best yet...then to come upon a spring-fed brook, further into the season than it's banks.  Even the trees are slowly, gently- all along it's borders, unfolding the green while the snow and ice retreat, little by little backing away until winter cries surrender and spring triumphantly takes the crown of the season.

Right now, as I type this...and it is a wonder that the satellite holds as it is spitting little frozen icy balls outside, I still feel Springs tightening grip around the throat of winter.  Last week, it was foggy weeping for the old man, this week- the last tantrum?  an icy mix..

"..blow north wind, ice come raining down- today, I'm breaking the waves...tomorrow maybe too."

Here's to spring and sunshine.  Let the winter ways pass, I am ready for IT!
Take care~


Gail said...

what a lovely post with beautiful pictures. yes, lovely indeed. I hope your whip-lash continues to ease and that your patience never fully surrenders.
Love and Happy Spring

Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue.


Audrey said...

Beautiful Pics. Love you

troutbirder said...

You caught the spirit for sure. Winter is not giving up easily here either.... but this too shall pass.....

Tricia said...

Great photos...They bring to mind a wonderful weekend with a great friend...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Queen of the North! Miss you and was thinking about you this Easter weekend when they were forecasting snow for the mighty state of ME. We are boggy here as well - but at least have missed the major rains and tornadoes. Thanks for sharing the pictures - such beauty in the north woods. Went morel hunting this weekend and found a nice mess to feed all the family and then some. Do they grow up there? Your seedlings look beautiful! As for the whiplash headaches - from experience, the best way to get those under control is to see our dear friend Michelle. But don't you dare drag her up there and away from here. :-) Blessings! Love, K

truewonder said...

Oh thank you all I finally answer back on this rainy morning left to tend the indoors today...
Whiplash/pinched nerves suck to high heaven.
If patience is a virtue, then I will never be a virtuous woman!(I think the above sentence totally reinforces that statement...)