Monday, January 2, 2012

I will not let you go

  It is the sweetest things in life that float on by like feathers and we can only hold them for a moment, their softness reveals our heart to us.    It is the sorrows of life that burrow deeper, cutting and shredding until their harshness instructs the soul. 

Dear Sorrows of Life,

  For the longest time, I could not figure out why I would hold on to your prickliness, your razor like hurt.  Why your acid words would be allowed to echo in my heart, why such dark memories I'd let enter in to some new found light now.  Such struggles I have allowed and wrestled with;  there are still  shadows presently in  life that deserve no place within my bright circle-  that sorely have fashioned a singular prison with no space for light and yet, I will leave my own sanctuary, entering that cell even if I have to stand upright against a cold wall balancing on a single toe like an awkward ballerina because Sorrow, you have something I need.

 Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks  quoted a writing on suffering and tears welled up in my eyes as I listened  to The Pursuit and Practice of Happiness..."   per the On Being Blog (American Public Media).   Profoundly understanding, I felt I should write to you Sorrow on these new fresh days of 2012.  Another year of your lessons are welcomed, I sincerely hope you will allow my continuing correspondence and holding on because..I will not let you go until you bless me.

Take care-


Gail said...

this is SO well written and SO true. It captures so well the struggle of living in light despite the darkness of sorrow. I understand AND it is the shadows of my dark past that allow me to step in to the light hallelujah
Love Gail

truewonder said...

Thank you Gail, I'm glad it spoke to you. I encourage all to use the link, religious and spiritual men and women in discussion with the Dalai Lama, speaking different languages and beliefs yet so similar at the root.
Peace to you too.