Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If. And. Then.



 Proverbs are short sentences drawn from long experiences. Cervantes


The best substitute for brains is silence. Anon.


May my pictures not speak a thousand words but heal a million wounds. 

The clouds reaction.

What Alice found there....bread and butterfly.

Bicycle petal.
I have entered the Maine Photography Show for the last three years, limited to only 3 submissions in any category- I decided to submit some runner ups from the Abstract category...I had a very hard time choosing.  Wish me well, it surely would be a feather in my cap to even place- the competition is extraordinary.

Thank you T.M, a photography blog it is...
Take care-

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truewonder said...

No comments...hmmmm, well- I'm about ready to split in two! One of my pictures is going to the "Big Show"! This feels like nothing I've ever known, this "atta boy!" or girl...either way feels like Grandad and Granny, Grandma and Beau, all those I've loved and lost, it feels as though they're in this too, because truly, all the pics I take, all the beauty I see...I see them.