Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Often in the evenings, I go outside to the woodshed to fetch a few logs for the fire.  The Big Fish wonders why I don't stock the rack inside or allow him to do so, obviously this would make keeping the fire roaring an easier venture.  Well, I've been doing alot of figuring on that kind of thing...easier, convenient.  Seems to me, the more convenient this modern life gets, the less I see or take notice of;  the less I see or take notice of then becomes backdrops, secondary or somewhat do any current thoughts.

I am misguided then by the newspaper or the Facebook, and too oftentimes in the winter- television.  The news-feed clouds the future with grave concerns, the past that deserves a look in hindsight becomes more of a focal point and once again, I lose sight of the moon.  Of the stars.  The magnificent sun and the tiny sparrows at my feeders.

So I'll keep my log racks empty but the woodshed full.  I'll not fill the hopper with birdseed just so I can become inconvenienced by dragging out the forty pound bag of sunflower seeds once again in the frosty, frigid mornings- even if it means tromping through iced paved snow banks in my jammies.  My backstepping kind of discipline is probably not gonna fly with the experts- but, this sort of habit keeps me sane and thankful- otherwise, I'd forget to look for the wondrous, the fragile and the current...

I will wait on the moon then, and read the stars...I'm not certain what they say, but all in all- the verse up there is current and freely open to interpretation.  I think they say, as best as I can tell- shine on and on...

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