Tuesday, March 18, 2008

holy now

"...there's Uncle Joe, he's a movin' kind of slow- at the junction...(Petticoat Junction.)"

See if that little song doesn't stay in your head all day. Just had to bring it up, remembering that show with the sisters and the mom and old Uncle Joe who got up early just so he could take a nap. Yep. I get up early just so I can make a pot of coffee and put the tea kettle on...for dessert, kind of. Oh I love my tea, herbal and otherwise. Which brings me to the point, the explanation of writing this early morning- the tea kettle relates to time taken out of time. To sit and wait for the boil, to mindfully pick and place a tea bag in the stoneware pot and pour the whistling hot water over it. To watch the steam rise, carry the little pot here- next to this keyboard and pick out a story, a tale of time come, time gone, and time now- this very moment finds me alive and happily so.

I don't know about you, but I find some importance in being still in moments such as this, reflecting on lists made, good strong intentions, whittling away the mess of loss of time- so many things carry us away from the project or the moment at hand. I suspect that most people in my life (who have observed me in my daily manic ways)...do not realize that out of sixth gear I do shift, generally in the morning, or out in the gardens and always in the woods- I slow, I'm quiet, I'm purposeful in that I meld with the silence, the stillness, the shrillness too at times of bird songs and tight breezes. Yes, most do not know this side of me- I suppose I rarely share it, it is mine and mine alone- selfishly sitting out on the sidelines why life whizzes by for so many. Oh, I use to whiz along too, never stopping, realizing the beauty to be had, the miracles all around- for me, it seems...everything is holy now. (From a song, love that line.)

May this week find you well, precious to yourself- as precious as the time, the moments we have here. Oh and do look for the green overcoming the winter's weight of greys and brown, it's popping through little by little, overcoming- resurrecting the bleak with the beauty of Spring.
Take care-


bam said...

this is gorgeous. i love your meditation on tea-making. what time do you rise? that picture is worth waking up for.....oh, to look out my window and see such a sight. you are blessed. and so are we, for coming here. i might awake at the same hour as you, just to know we are in communion in our morning solitude and slowness. it is the battery that restores my everything. bless you.

truewonder said...

Oh, I don't know...sometimes between 4ish and 5ish, and I always wake up enthusiastic. I mean, my feet hit the ground and I'm good to go and ready for anything. Even this morning, when my old sweetheart of a truck refused to budge. Such sweet sorrow and joy from that truck, I need my head examined...thank God for tea. Blessings to you too friend, communion 'round 4:30 tomorrow?!