Wednesday, March 26, 2008

till yet

Good morning. It is well to observe another new day of Spring. Has it sprung, truly? Nope, I don't think so...not yet. It is merely teasing us with it's warm southerly winds and it's sunshine and buds almost bursting on the trees. I'm not convinced yet, nope. I think we're still in for some wintry mix, my seeds lay dormant in the ground, they're not convinced either. When I find that first mushroom, that little gray morsel of mystery, soon ( I hope!) then I'll let my winter guard down.

The garlic is fooled though, as it reaches it's tiny little green stemmed arms up to the sky, it needs some more straw covering- it will have to grow right through that blanket even further, stretching, extending it's life force through to the sunshine. And...I cannot till yet, cannot get the clover in soon enough for me- hopefully the wind yesterday and the sunshine today will dry out some more- the earth that is still held in a mud ball in my hands as I picked it up yesterday afternoon, applying enough pressure, hoping the soil would not stay contained in that little ball, but alas! It crumbling, no falling away from the form which told me that tilling was still out of the question.

After work today, I will scoot on over to Lincoln to pick up my new seeder- the beets are still in the seed packet, the radishes haven't been planted enough and the onions...still about 100 to go, yep- enough to keep me busy, sustained. And all of this takes time, much time- and patience and acknowledgement that it is not my way but the way that I have to contend with, humble to. In the dark of this morning, this early morning...I can be patient, be still, be ever hopeful- but the sunrise will shed light, more light on great anticipation on my part and my way will be forced upon the land again- oh, I never learn anything so much in the light as I do in the dark. Except maybe how good sunshine feels, even in chaos and windy conditions, it is so good to feel the sun on skin. Yep.
Take care,(& break out the sunscreen!)

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bam said...

love love your farm writing, and the thought that us city birds might follow your season, from mush now to dust in the dry spots, to rich loamy gold some time for the harvest.........