Tuesday, March 11, 2008

of every day

Good morning. I have been warned that I needed to write something...and soon! (From a friend that misses hearing from me...kind thoughts followed up with threats of "or else!") Here is the low down of not enough time lately for even a little bit of writing-

A Big Fish has visited me, no longer in my dreams but actually in my company- side by side we have been busy getting ready for the planting season. Wonderful ally, this farm is shaping up!

My tenant has moved in, errr...is moving in. Taking some getting use to- sharing this farm, this space with another who is sweet and happy to be here but...I so love my privacy, that I'm having to find little corners to escape the chaos. It will all work out.

The seeds are here! Arugula for pestos...Basil for tomatoes...Lettuce, mixed breeds for wonderful salad mixes at the Wild Hare Cafe in Elkhart, Illinois.(Another plug for this special place, if you're in the area Tuesdays through Saturdays, you must drop in...truly, a delightful, delectable experience.) Heirloom tomatoes...Seeds collected from last year, hoping for germination...Potatoes, fingerlings-wonderful varieties for every taste...Flowers to fill Ball jars for market...on and on the seeds of and for everything!

The walks. Every day. The greening, the fuzz of buds on the smallest of twigs jetting out as high as the branches can hold them against the sky. Soon, very soon- the burst of buds and more bird songs happily, ever expanding music for the soul of the listener. The morning frosts upon everything, making even the old summer kitchen seem new in it's glossy diamond like coating. Oh yes. March is wild and wonderful every moment of every day.

Planning for the farm tours occurring here at Beauregards Farm this summer. Will I ever pull it all together?!

Imploring the 18 year old, the Senior- to stick it out, 3 months until graduation...hang in there son, by your fingernails if necessary, I know I'm biting mine.

Watching. Seeing the happiness in the faces as Spring casually, sometimes collidingly(bloggers get to make words up, remember...) with winter still. Noticing these days the joy in even the faces of the drivers who have encountered me on these country roads many times as I have frequently raised the farmer finger to them in passing- many are actually flipping back! Oh yes, it feels good to connect- even when merely driving by.

There is more to tell, so much more...but, work time is coming soon, the time change has made it tougher to rally early enough-and the morning beckons "come!" The Starlings are gathering up loose straw and making nests-the Peacock climbs upon the roof and calls now and sometimes late into the night for a mate- so much to see and tell soon...
Take care-

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Jan Doble said...

i missed your postings, too :-) living and working on a farm takes a LOT of effort and energy, and it sounds difficult, but exciting. i wish i could have a peacock on my roof. only time i've seen a peacock is at the D.C. zoo! keep writing!