Thursday, July 24, 2008

Darn kids

(mailbox before the assault...)

Good morning...looked like rain behind the rainbow I caught sight of this morning- and no camera in tow, me in my pocket less airplane pajama pants, walking down the road- following a trail.

Some poor misguided foolish kids knocked my mailbox over last night- I live on a dead end road, and apparently am too heavy of a sleeper to have reacted correctly to the commotion of Retrievers retreating with snarling barks and heavy growls. I do recall hearing that commotion...but the coyotes around here take full advantage of the cover of corn fields creeping right up to my fence close to the chickens and yet, guarded by the aforementioned dogs who unwelcome the wild with a presence fearful enough- wild paws do not dare traipse across the boundaries of a more civilized land.

So- in a nutshell, coyotes and dogs cause turbulence almost every night here, mailbox smashing idiots most likely go unnoticed- and they did. But- they were driving a pickup I suspect by their muddy tire treads, an off road type, judging by the size of the tires. So inexperienced were they, and quite a bit messy...I suppose I could follow along their trail of smashed up postal posts and figure out just about who they were- as they have left behind all kinds of clues. Not to mention this is a small town, people talk...these kids probably boasted around quite a bit about their misdeeds. My own teens may travel in some of those circles...they're not angels, my young 'uns- but I'd certainly hope they'd never destroy the property of another or do faceless senseless, cowardly things in the middle of the night.

I can fix my post without a moments hesitation, but what of the elderly and infirmed out here in the big country? Something like a smashed mailbox could tie them up a bit, not many come to the simple aid of country neighbors these days. Geez, you know where I'm going with this...I mean, I have a drill and am able bodied enough to go around and make sure my neighbors, the ones incapable of fixing slight construction jobs- at the very least might get their mail today. As if I don't have enough to do...though, you just never know what good you might do or what hope one might instill by simple acts of fixing something. During this hell week, it would sure do me good to do someone else good...lemme help.
(I always liked that lyric from that song...I'll yodel or Tarzan call in a group presence of your choosing if you can come up with the name of that song and the singer...bit of trivia here, I'm stumped.)

Darn kids.

Take care-


Queen of Not A Lot said...

How many of them there rascals do you thing I taught? Too many probably.

With the cicadas' cries I'm under the impression that summer is drawing to a close. It's usually later in the summer that they start. It's a depression trigger. I love sleeping late in summer. And now I ramble . . .

So, if I send a card today, will you get it? Or will it be dumped in your yard since the mailbox is missing?

Viv sent me a notice about the angel. I'll be dropping her a little something to see if we can help get it to happen. You should post it. I'm sure there are a few of your readers who would love to honor the boys.

Lorrie said...

Song trivia...I LOVE song trivia. The song was "I Can Help" and apparently, Elvis sang it, but it seems the version I recall as a kid was by someone else.