Saturday, July 26, 2008

tending July

I will paint in remembrance, and portray him

in frame less pictures, large as life

long as the sky

vivid as the sun

and dark as the darkest canyon, I hope I never fully explore...

he wouldn't want that-

"Save joy"
he would say.


Queen of Not A Lot said...

A lovely tribute.

Anonymous said...

I had to travel for work, so I just got to see these. He'd love it.

-Love, Rhi

Lorrie said...

beautiful pictures, all of them. I love that old red chair.

bam said...

absolutely, utterly breathtaking. i thought of you and him all day. haven't been plugged in in a while. but oh, you just fed my soul. that red chair oughta be framed, and the story told, and mailed out to every house of a soulful soul in america......i missed you. missed this place. love the new look. this page stopped me head on. gigantic hug.......