Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's The Ride

Good morning...and how is it going? Good, good. I heard from a friend recently, thought maybe we had parted ways after a bit of a disagreement, so glad to hear his voice and know he is doing fine. But..knowing him, he is quite a marvel- the things I take for granted, he has to courageously, diligently work at. He has wheels, and utilizes them with pure guts and grace. He does things as a farmer that I can only dream about, gets his chores down with the ability and agility of an eagle. So-should he find himself reading this, yes- I think the world of you, you're quite a man- bigger and better than most. So smile there cowboy...I've seen your mulched up heart- a composted mix of fears and tears, but mostly loyalty and love for those who are lucky enough to call you friend. Peace...

(And now, for the finale of the post here today, with you in mind-this I wrote way back when...)

Tell me about a life worth living-
A true story of stumbling, falling, rising-
Don't give me a life built on routines of fact based fiction,
That's a life dependent on training wheels.

Give me the riders on two wheels-
The ones who risk the falls
The crashes-
Who face the sun
Propelled by a sincere longing for beauty
The navigators who have made peace with themselves
And discovered , upon their journey-

It's not the race
It's the ride.

(by T.L. Starks)


Anonymous said...

Well put from one true friend about another. Love you both

bam said...

gorgeous poetry, my friend, gorgeous. love that byline too, t.l. starks......some day, perchance, we'll find a slim fine volume to pull off our shelves and tell our children to hush while we read them words of beauty and wisdom. truer words, never...

Anonymous said...

Stop being a lazy coconut and write more. It is one of the many things you do best.

truewonder said...


lazy coconut!!! i'll show you come out and help me pick, clean, harvest, market, mow, weed, and please do do my dishes...and I will write a blue streak...ha. thank ya, ya lazy coconut, who says that?!!! only one possible person...wink, wink, nudge, to you and yours.