Saturday, August 23, 2008

Was it the moon?

Good morning to you. Gee....I really don't have any words of wisdom or some spectacular happening, but much like the great Clint Eastwood, I received some fighting words, so off I go.

Lazy coconut, humph!!! I'll show ya a lazy coconut!!! I'll turn the tables on ya...that's just what I'll do! What have all you coconuts been doing this summer?! Hmmmmm...

Now that I've got my feathers ruffled up nice and fluffy...go ahead. Make my day.
What small, seemingly insignificant happening affected you most this summer?
Was it the moon?

Was it something a child said that melted your old hard heart and warmed it too?

Did you go on an adventure?

Did something happen in the Wal Mart parking lot that made you wonder about mankind?

Did you receive a kiss, a glance, an embrace that made you just darn glad to be alive...and reciprocating?

Did you see a movie that moved you?

Tell it like it is.
(And anonymous if you feel a bit to naked in the telling.)

I'm just all tuckered out, empty headed- and I need your inspiration. Because truly...just writing my thoughts does not mean a thing if I can't hear what you're thinking too. Sharing one's experiences sometimes helps lighten the load of another, makes them feel connected to the world at large. When you get right down to it, yes-there sure is alot wrong with this sometimes too wicked world, but for all the inhabitants on it, it is amazing to acknowledge that it works as well as it does.

Here. Right now. Yes-YOU!!!! Spill it......


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I saw a love change from a painful memory into a lifetime love, a marriage between two people that came to pass after a tragedy. I thought I wanted nothing but joy for this couple, but as I sat in the pew- I was overwhelmed by the sadness of the groom not being who I thought he should have been. But, in time- I realized that yes- this love too, was meant to be. Now I am thankful to have been invited, to share in their day. To once again be reminded that life goes on, that true joy can only be found by commiting fully to an acceptance of life as it is.

Anonymous said...

i think perhaps the most significant thing I have observed this summer, has been my friend, go from being an insecure basket case, to being one of the strongest most independent women I know. Bolstered by the love of a good man, great support from friends and children, she dusted herself off, picked herself up and is now kicking ass and taking names.
(recognize anyone here?) I love ya, you are a true inspiration to all who know you. I made the lazy coconut comment and it was anonymous because I don't have the sense to figure out how to sign up.

bam said...

dear darlin, first, where'd you find that moon? i cannot for the life of me take a picture of the moon the way my eye sees it. maybe it is only to be seen by my soul, not a little silver box with buttons. i love your questions about the summer...what moved me most......oh, that's a tough one. twas a long hard summer.........i watched good people get shown the door at work. i watched not good people make those rulings. i watched thirsty plants go too long without a drink. i did read one fine book, "signaling for rescue," a collection of stories by marianne herrmann. oh, my. i did bite into a fine tomato the other night. the finest i recall. i do sit and listen to the nightsounds coming from the woods around my house. i am watching summer turn crisply, goldenly to autumn, and i feel my lungs filling up again with something akin to maple syrup for breathing.......oh, i watched a boy turn into a man this summer. yes, that's the thing that moved me to holy blessed tears.......

Queen of Not A Lot said...

Wow, all of you. I don't feel I saw or did one significant thing after these comments! I'm such a bum.

That said, I did find a cool hydroponic system (admittedly very small) that I think I'll write a grant for and use in the classroom. What do you think, Ter, the lettuce blend, the herb blend, or the cherry tomato blend? It's from Aerogrow and it's pretty much a no brainer for us non-gardener types. Will still let me show the growth process to the kids and have them taste stuff we grow.

Maybe I'll have the same level of amazing responses that your other posters had next summer.