Saturday, August 2, 2008

beyond comprehension...Stuebs Family

"...this I know and know too well-
love never really dies.
Happily, sadly- hand in hand,
it gets us though the darkest times."

I feel compelled, as so many do at this time, to bring to light the tragedy that has befallen a local Springfield Illinois family. While on a camping trip, the Stuebs family encountered a devastating storm that blew a tree limb onto their tent, killing their beloved son and now as of this writing, taking also the life of their toddler daughter. The community as a whole has reached out, fundraisers and prayers to attend the family as they try, one small inch at a time, to get through this nightmare. Here is a link, should you have time, money, talent or gifts to contribute to the Stuebs family, whose burdens are beyond comprehension. They have no insurance, several of their other children have also been injured, though I understand through reports, physically- they all will be well. The Stuebs Family Benefit will held at The Field House in Springfield.

The absolute sun has been eaten by the darkness of death for this family, their only way through is hope, their only light now must come from For now, I cannot imagine how they can begin to heal- it will take many hands and many hearts to once again instill a glimmer of hope for the Stuebs.

If you read this blog and work at a business that the public frequents, won't you please put out a canister collecting more much needed funds to see them through? Or perhaps in church tomorrow morning, request of your congregation to add prayers for the Stuebs?

Thank you dear readers...this family needs our strength, our prayers, our shoulders, our utmost compassion.
If you have it to give, I humbly request that you do...
Take care.

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