Wednesday, September 24, 2008

character building

Character building is the kind of arhitecture I have subscribed to all my life...sometimes, most times- unwillingly.

As the song goes, "I've seen fire and I've seen rain, I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end, I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend..."

I write today again of Maine. Of beauty, of spectacular vistas and splendid scenery, of people whom I've only just met, but genuinely feel akin to. I have met my match there in Maine, in more ways than one.

The rooftop up above...those are the character building places I visited, willingly... longing for such simple dimensions, living for each breathtaking moment- capturing all I could within a frame. What I could not carry home with me, I left for new days, possibly in the nearer future.

I have been churning, burning the midnight oil, farming and weeding, marketing and wondering if I could but possibly get one big toe up on the game here in central Illinois. I took the sabattical, the vacation- not so much for want, but for need. I needed a break. My head has been full of too many decisions, my heart aching for solitude, for beauty. There, in Maine- I found it. Or did it find me, calling to me over the years- to a central place of balance in all things? I cannot say for sure, but I do believe in love- and love is what I left there. Love, I hope to return too, live with, live for- some soon sweet day.

Beauregards Farm may just be downsizing, Down East. There, I said it. Many discussions have been flying all over the porch. Many questions, and this time- many answers. My family and I are ready for change. Oh my goodness what a big one! What an eye opener, a day maker- the compass we are now toiling with points East. College, seasides, lakes, rivers, oceans,new farm, breathing...openly embracing all these bold thoughts together.

The plan is developing, will post more on future directions. Take care-


G Atticus said...

James Taylor sends words well. A plucked string in so many feeling heart first. Change is the freshness of spring on a crisp morning. Peace be in your heart and smiles in your soul my friend. Things can only happen one way, let the white light within you guide your way on.


Anonymous said...

You already know how I feel about this. Bittersweet, mostly sweet. To see the light in your eyes when you speak of this place is to make me reconcile to your being gone.
I love you and will miss you but never fear for I will also visit you. Distance is northing more than a road trip, one spent thinking and that is all good.
Love you, YOU GO GIRLS

truewonder said...

Decisions based on heart, soul, mind and where we truly find our self...plenty scary and exciting. Somewhere in between there lies the balance...
These well wishes are bonuses...not fully expected, but the blessings of friends is indeed fortifying. Thanks.