Saturday, September 13, 2008

tells a story

".....though the night
around me
is falling..."
~In the Garden, hymn


Anonymous said...

Hey, Its your favorite lawn care specialist. Wondered if you were home or not. I got rained out of mowing your place. Will try and get to it ASAP. I owe you one more at least and if you give me the okay I can do it the rest of the season.

Queen of Not A Lot said...

Oh, no! The moon is falling the moon is falling!

Sorry, I couldn't help it!

Anonymous said...

I groomed your lawn today. Beauregards is looking GOOOOOOD!!

Your favorite Lawn Care Specialist..dan

bam said...

how in the world did you get that gorgeous image? i needed some healing so i wandered over to the surest place i could think of to find some beauty, and look what i found.....

truewonder said...

Bam and crew,

I never truly know how my pictures might turn out- I just see what I see and try to encase it in a frame of the snap of the shutter. Fearless photographer here...and just plain lucky mostly.