Saturday, September 20, 2008

mermaid ribbons

Good morning is the world outside your window? Mine is drenched in misty morning solitude. Even the sounds do not escape the encampment of September dew. Woke up earlier though to Peacock screaming, guineas sentry calls and a hawk just darn near teasing them all to death. I yelled at the big bird and off he flew. Peacock seemed offended, all puffed up-"Well I never, how uncivilized- why a fellow can't even enjoy his morning stroll!" That bird is a character.

Now for more memories of Maine.

Flew out there, breathed extra sighs of relief as I kayaked along water ways and lakeside rocky shores- the air is clear and fresh, pristine. If I ever need to be on pure oxygen, I'd probably just head out East and breathe again. And the sun shines not only on the rocky cliffs and lighthouse peaks but clear to the bottom of those pristine waters- the ripples reflect in the most wondrous light shows I've ever seen. So clear and bright- mesmerizing. The only sound comes from the dipping of one's oar into the surface of a lake, the water dripping like a percolator back into the swell. The loon's call haunts it's way clear down to your toes- but there is no fear to be found, the goosebumps come from some deep place inside your soul that had needed a wake up call, erupting a blood flow once again to your most inner spiritual muscles. Ahhhhhh, to have glided across that lake as the sea grasses below, like mermaid ribbons- gently caressed my vessel... don't know if I can ever fully awaken from that dream like state...I'm not sure I want to. Heavenly peace.

Take care-


NCmountainwoman said...

So glad you dropped by. Now I know about your blog. I will enjoy reading your archives and following your blog in the future.

troutbirder said...

Well you are right about one thing "awesome" sucks. Pretty sophmoric. Us history types tend to stick to the bare bones facts. If I could write lyrically like your last post..... oh well. Since you like canoeing maybe my attempt at humor ( July 18,2008 might come off a little better? Also thanks for the Maine tips!

truewonder said...

Mr. Troutbirder-
No siree, don't even think that! "If" is a why not in your world...believe me sir, if I had the gumption you do- I'd be wet every time I looked at a waterway!
I immediately recognized in your adventures and the telling...a current perhaps just under the surface, unseen. But the feeling is bubbling up all through your posts, and I have no doubt the depths you do know. Thank you, you're a keeper. And I will read that post. Take care-

Queen of Not A Lot said...

Ter, your pictures brought back a flood of memories. My Mom spent time in Maine in college. After her death in 04 I found pics she had taken. She looks so young and happy.