Friday, October 3, 2008


Good morning! Today I am requesting you think of me as your doctor, and I am prescribing the above will bring you much peace, joy and...excitement! As you watch it, you will be filled with enthusiasm, so much so that you'll want to prescribe it to others...and must...DANCE! Gather the kids around, don't do this alone...the dog will think you're crazy! Mine kept looking nervously at the door, eye balling all exits- Oh, I can't wait for Lily to get up and watch this. Sure, she'll grumble- partly because it's cold in here. No heat. Service man was suppose to come last week...perhaps he forgot me, but I will not forget the phone call I must make again...I can actually see my breath! BRRRRRR...

Oh, I have started a new job in Williamsville, just two and half miles from home. The BluCat cafe- the owner is a friend and mentor. We wear bandannas, I think I look like Willie Nelson. I suppose I'm kind of vain, every way I try to fix this scarf so it looks ends up just looking goofy.
Hey, you should really try a meal there...great hamburgers, amazing Horse Shoes that rival any other Shoe in the area. Soup that's good for the soul...and yes, she will be utilizing my greens. Folks come from near and far, just yesterday off the interstate came some Canadians. They were sure sweet people, and we told them so. The farmers in the area are gearing up for the harvest, no time for cooking- so they're starting to show up in droves. I don't quite know the lay of the land yet, so I'm just plucky relief for now.

Anyway- have yourself a good one, enjoy the day... and do not neglect to watch the video, I'm off now to do the there's nobody watching!

Take care-

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