Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If I do

Good morning once again...yep, we received another day. So many times...we forget what a gift that is.

Running around, rampant- worried about the world at large, but when it comes right down to it, I think people are hunkering down right now and looking out for number one. And that is important- to take care of ourselves first, make sure the family is secure, hopeful that we can take care of our group's basic needs. Oh sure, the government has got us in a bind, although much of it comes from our society standing by, silent- too silent some times when we should have been raising hell. Yes, we are all so very busy- so who has the time to step up and say, "Whoa! This is not right, not ethical. We will withhold our tax dollars...." Which, of course we cannot do- unless we want to do a stretch or pay massive fines. Seems some times, we just can't win- so we hunker down some more. Go with the flow. Buy what is sold and perhaps pray...Well, if you read this blog somewhat regularly, you know my prayer- a fine simple request. "Father thank you, increase my faith." In sunshine and rain, I say that prayer. It holds me accountable, I am strengthened, I am grateful, I am then fortified and must proceed with renewed faith. "To whom much is given, much is expected."

We, as Americans- to whom much is given, in spite of the long lines, traffic jams, high gas prices, food costs, educational woes, high taxes- some times forget just how truly good we have it. I suppose there is much to complain about, but there is so much more to be thankful for. Thank goodness we were born to be Americans, enriched on American soil, allowed by right of birth to agree or disagree. To voice our opinions in any way we see fit, as an individual or a group. We are entitled by that royal birth- to pursue happiness, or whatever it is we wish to pursue. Too many pursue what the hard work of others might bring them. They, the capable- posing as the incapable, prey upon our gifts, neglecting their own. We have become politically correct, bankrupt of our own common sense, indebted to those who have no intention of getting off our backs or the government roll. To them I say, enough is enough.

Politicians- you're breaking our blue collar backs, when we are emptied- who will supply your extravagant bonuses? Welfare recipients- if you are looking for a handout with two good strong hands held out, use those for something else other than picking my pockets. Newspapers- tell me some good news, or you'll become nothing more than compost fodder, I'm tired of your bad words.

The fear that is being shoveled by heaps and heaps upon our hearts, by the media, the music industry, Hollywood, our elected officials, and yes- even the green mongers- is bankable, but I see no interest bearing in my accounts. So CE Os, Administrators, Governors, State Officials,Presidential Shovelers- think about what your actions are saying. To me they say- Strike fear in the hearts of men and women, they will become indebted to us for the bail out that only big brother can provide.
Folks- isn't it time we saw through all that, truly see that the only thing Big Brother is doing is beating us down, further and further into submission? Fearful people regress into fearful children- but we're not children anymore. We have far too much knowledge, experience, wisdom- to be coerced into thinking that we need a hand holding session, that we need an overseer watching our piggy banks- as if we can't be trusted to account for our own savings. I think the leaders of our time are banking on our fear, our silence, our political correctness. Isn't it time we take hold of ourselves and say, "Look. You've worked hard all your life- the dreams that you dare to dream are often centered in the nightmare created by those who do not dream- they scheme. Money is their god and mass hysteria their religion. I have little faith in their system, but much faith have I in my self, my children- my own common sense and the Being that created it all. It is time I employed it. I will not be blinded by the darkness, but governed by the light."

Hope is real, love is permanent- all else is a smoke screen. If you feel like it's time to speak- that you have something to say that might evoke a good difference, if you're absolutely fed up with the way this country is run...down, write a letter to the editor. Align with men and woman who serve a higher purpose- a common good for all. Who are these people? Here are but a few-

The reporter who inspires by bringing us news that is worthy, that motivates and encourages us by the stories they tell of real people who stood up and had to do the things they did or do to not only survive but thrive. The teachers who teach and reach our children as individuals, empowering in them a sense of higher grasps of educational opportunities so that they may rise above any objections of their past upbringing- squashing their sense of fear and revealing to them their utmost possibilities. The farmers who share a common goal- feeding their nation, their community, their neighbors- nourishing all. The soldiers who volunteer to serve their country, their fellow country men- who at the very expense of their own lives- are willing to sacrifice all so that we don't really have to sacrifice anything. Think about that.

I said volunteers.

These young and old, men and women who are not making millions, nor can they ever hope too when they put on that uniform- they serve a higher purpose. They put themselves on the line at any given time- so that we may continue on in our sometimes too whiny way. These people are but a few examples of folks who are trying to make a difference. But...the way this country is run...down - it is getting harder and harder every day, for these folks- and that may be you and I in that accounting- to make these differences if we are in constant doubt, holding on to correctness and fear.

If we but let go of that fear, that correctness- who knows what might happen. The world will come to an end? Yes, in a sense- I suppose it will, but isn't it time for world changing? I mean, the kind of world where we all live in fear...of....higher gas prices? Food costs? Dying dreams? Is that kind of fear worth holding onto? Look around. This place is looking up. Look beyond the gas station, the grocery store- the bank. Look at the face on page 74 in your local paper- the guy who jumped in the river to save a stranger. Go on the Internet and Google won't believe your own eyes when you see what every day people like you and I are doing to make a good difference in the world- although I hope you will believe your heart as it beats a mile a minute with new found joy in dismantling the fear that you knew a moment ago as it makes room for the hope that will surely fill it. Hope is more powerful than the greatest of doubts.

Any one who has been through any dark night will tell you that it was not the money they had in their pocket or even a religious life preserver that saw them through- it was the hope garnered by some kind of inspiration by another, who- by their own experience gave them the light of hope, to find their own way.
Friends- we all are worthy of hope, of dreams becoming reality. We do deserve better than dark days, smoke screens. But we must first believe that hope in a fearful world is possible. I see no possibilities for deep change in a fear based society, but oh my goodness! The possibilities are sky high for a hopeful one! What are your highest hopes? What do you intend to do about it? Will you have the energy after another long day of just getting by- to try and make a difference, if not in your own life- perhaps in the way of kindness to another- to change the course of this world? Will this little by little contemplation then action truly make a difference? I wished I could answer that for you... Only you know your truth.

What essential steps might you take this day, this moment- to truly change your outlook, there by changing your children's attitude too? The truth and only the truth will set us free. And it surely will do some hurt, but the harm will not be everlasting- it will be momentary. The leaders of today...the fear mongers, will lead you alright. How much further are you willing to go?

My truth is apparent to me...thank goodness. I lived far too long in fear, I doubted the whole world because I doubted my self. A what if became a what is- it cracked me open and stripped me bare. My judgement was off, I could not align with my self for the longest time. Doubts of ever surviving invaded my dreams, my past, present and future. I had no hope. None. I cannot say for sure what finally awakened me, what defining moment brought me a hopeful vision. I only know that inspiration did find me. A card, a kindness- a glimmer of hope given to me by others in my time of desperation. This is grace, others remembered their cup was running over...they shared that abundance with me. By their grace, their goodness- a difference was made, a good deep change grew in me. Little ol' me. And here's the point- I'm just like you. Only, for whatever reason- I, like many others- have been subjected to a dark night of the soul- I had the choice to awaken to hope or to continue to fearfully sleep in my nightmarish world. The choice I made is apparent. I am not strong, I am by far one of the weakest people I know...but every day I wake up to hope, I choose to live no other way. By this choosing, every day- I must walk the walk. I must be courageous, I must convey what it is I know to be an essential truth. Not because I'm afraid the world will fall apart if I don't- it is essential that I share what I know because the world will become better if I do.

You and I and everyone we know needs hope, like water, like air- it is essential. Take my stories and dismiss them, or take the hope and share it. It is completely up to you. What you think, what you feel- if you allow yourself that beautiful freedom- is important, is necessary for deep change.

Peace and harmony are essential to the balance of all things...and is possible. But only you, an individual can begin the hope, others will follow. Not out of desperation or fear- but out of love and gratitude. Imagine! What might that world look like? What does the world look like to you right now? Picture the world you want. Hope or fear?

What is your answer?


Anonymous said...

I think I told you this before, but one of my friends recently made me realize my hope. She stated in an article for a newspaper that her greatest accomplishment was that her life was just as she imagined it would be as a child. I'm working on it and that and YOU give me hope.

Love, Rhi

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I love you and your wise words. I learn a great deal from you and will for the years to come. Thank you. And to all the teachers, farmers, nurses and military members my up most respect.

Queen of Not A Lot said...

My dear Ter,
I have the unmistakable wonderful good fortune of looking in Hope's eyes (46 eyes, in fact) every weekday.

Anonymous said...

at 3:20am I am up reading what you wrote.... amazing. We must talk...we must share...we must hope. your part time lawn care provider..dan

truewonder said...

To the Queen, the Flea, the Lawn Dr, the sweet soon to be teacher,and Rhi-
Thank you, wasn't sure how this would fly. Tired for sure of the lack of oxygen lately...despair sucks the air right out of the atmosphere!
There are more people like me in the world...they're every where! The point are one of many. Commend them (and yourself)when you see a positive action, young and old need affirmations at times...especially when we get so down, we wonder too often is it worth it, does the change truly occur, have we made a difference? Be well, love the 46 eyes- the hopeful visionaries. Take care

troutbirder said...

I see hope coming. Intelligence. Compassion. Setting one against the other. For too long the dark of fear has been used to manipulate us. Time to end it. Words of a "leaf peeper".

Anonymous said...

very good. My answer is hope always has been always will be


truewonder said...

all my love Rd, means so much...thanks.