Saturday, March 14, 2009

God I hope there are thousands

I urge you to consider the following article and act accordingly if you are concerned about food, it's unsafe additives and the future of food safety...and truly folks, this concerns each and every one of us.

Tell the USDA to strengthen the rules for GE food to ensure safety for eaters and farmers!
"Right now you have a chance to protect your right to choose food free from genetically engineered (GE) crops and to stand up for family farmers' right to GE-free production. Genetically engineered crops have not been thoroughly tested for safety and often cannot be controlled from spreading to other fields or into the wild. This is especially scary considering the practice of growing industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs in GE crops.
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) promised consumers and farmers stricter oversight of GE crops. In 2004, they initiated a process to produce an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), a document that would provide the public and policy-makers with a critical assessment of GE production, risk and regulation. Yet, instead of releasing the EIS to the public and working to tighten controls to protect the safety of our food and the contamination of our fields, the USDA did the opposite by releasing a proposed rule that would significantly weaken the already loop-hole ridden regulation of GE crops.
The good news is that the USDA is currently accepting your comments on the issue until Tuesday, March 17! We urge you to seize this opportunity and ask the new Administration to reject the proposed rule and take a fresh look at how GE crops are regulated."
Click on this link to comment, query or question- it does not the very least, let your feelings be known. If you think this is not an issue that concerns you, your family, your community- then speak your mind about that too.
From my heart to yours though, I will state my very strong feelings on Genetically Engineered Seeds, Food and Food additives:
It is a crime.
It is imperative that we, the public, the common man, the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers- speak up now.
The future of humanity depends on safe food sources, on seeds that will germinate, on crops that can reproduce.
It is not the oil field owners and fuel moguls that will rule the world- thank goodness that renewable energy is an option.
When the very seeds are manipulated in such a way that they cannot reproduce as nature intended-
I ask you, what are our options then?
Every human being on this planet has a common bond with their brothers and sisters, be they black, purple, white or brown- we must eat. That common ground that we all stand upon is very shaky should Genetically engineered crops get a fast hold on our food supply.
We all live down wind.
As observant a farmer, human being as I diligently try to be- I cannot detect nor defend my food crops from what is casually blowing in the wind, carried by the bees and insects, the birds and pollen particles breezing by.
There is no defense against such an intrusive, invisible invasion. None.
When seeds become sterile-
So do I. So do you. So do we...
If you think this is an alarming post, you are damned right. If you think this telling displays an unhinged fool's folly, well you may be right again...but my research, my reading, my own observations, yes- my absolute personal view is this-
Rendering seeds barren, infiltrating the environment with an absolute unknown process of sterility, allowing this course of action without the public's full knowledge by disclosure from one of the top Government Agencies- the USDA, is a crime against the whole of humanity.
Perhaps the reason I was put on this earth was to build fires under people..consider it done. If this speaks to your very core, then I plead...take notice. Decide for your self. Then act.
I also request that you spread this fire around...not to instill fear in people, but to invoke change. To be aware, to defend one's very livelihood is not anti is the right thing to do for all concerned.
It is for the love of life and it's infinite ways, that I speak. If I do startle some with words of fire, so be it.
I thank you for your deep consideration to look within...and hopefully your refusal by letting the USDA know that partial disclosure will not cut it this time- that you will not align with any group, be it government or goody two shoes- without full disclosure on GE products and additives.
(And please, there is no need to comment here- go to the linked site, Farm Aid will collect all comments, and God I hope there are thousands...and forward them to the USDA.)


troutbirder said...

Right on. In a small way, I hope I'm helping, as I purchase all my vegetable garden seeds through Seed Savers. This organization and volunteer members are preserving thousands of "heritage" seeds to maintain our genetic diversity in food production. They are located near Decorah Iowa.

Anonymous said...

my voice has been added. thank you for bringing it to our attention! ~kathryn

Jayne said...

I saw where President Obama addressed this very issue this weekend. Kudos to him and to you for sounding the alarm on yet another issue that impacts us all which has gone largely ignored for years and years.

bam said...

amen, diligently observant farmer and sister and soulmate. sending smoke signals, big black ominous ones ASAP. thanks for letting us know nothing less than our civilization is at risk. xoxoxo