Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pure Magic

Good morning, I'm a little late in the coming here... much to tell about our musical venue Sunday, with Mr. Danny Schmidt. So much to say about that, but I do no want to take anything away from the pure magic of the experience with too many words,so- my overall impression was this:

I am so proud of my community. Folks turned out and into a little cafe that they had never heard of before to see a musical storyteller that they hadn't known much about and gathered in such a way that standing room only, pressed up against folks they had never been entwined with before- meant still a comfortable place completely out of perceived comfort zones


Heck if I know, I only know it all came together in such a beautiful way led by a bright spirit who soothed the aches and tickled the fancy of each soul there in that little eatery.

And I got to watch it all unfold.

But the best part of the whole deal? My children were there, fully and observant, supportive and encouraging in a way I had never seen before. Folk music is not the four letter word they had envisioned, no... they were mesmerized, harmonized and completely mystified.

Emma did mass quantities of dishes...just because, and then joked all through the greasy entanglements. My my my how her light shined! Mathew, big old brutish, sweet beautiful boy/man- was charming, was introspective, was tender, was full of questions...and Miss Lily, grace flowing under pressure- smiles, and sweetness and pure Lily.

At intermission, Jill Manning and Jaigh Lauder blew us all away with their music, (and their music just has to be experienced)...Jill, cafe owner, brilliant songstress- can I just say how proud I am of this woman? She rocks the boat. She swells with spirit and doles it out like the great and wonderful cook she is- in heaping helpings of...well- soul, big soul. Jaigh's guitar melodies ring out from the plucks of nimble fingers that your eyes don't actually see's as if he tells the guitar, before the music ever starts- "Say something." And it speaks through his strums.

I was part of something big and intimate all at the same time, I knew it to be could not have been any better. How often does one get to realize such things? I'm still scratching my head...and ever so thankful.

Be well, take care-


G Atticus said...

Sounds fantastic! Getting me all excited for pickathon festival... Gracious words on more then worthy characters.

Jane said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there. Glad you had such a good turnout!


Anonymous said...

I wish I would've been there too, I loved hearing Jill sing at your house. I took grandpa out for his "birthday" supper Sunday. I wanted to take him to a steak house, but he insisted on Steak-n-Shake. I love grandpa :)

Love, Rhi

Jayne said...

So glad to hear it went so well! :c)

katales said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful. I happened to look on your blog late in the afternoon Sunday and SO wished I had looked earlier in the day so I would have known about it. I would have been there too; your description of what/who he is lets me know that I would have loved it. That your kids were all wrapped up in the experience too makes it truly magical. If he ever comes back through this way, please post a note! ~kathryn

bam said...

from the greasy entanglements to the introspective man/boy to the something and big and intimate that you made all sounds heavenly. i too wish i'd been leaning up against a wall, feeling my world get larger and grander and closer and cozier all at once. thanks for carrying us there by your words....xoxo