Friday, April 17, 2009

the little marvels of mysterious wonder

Grumble, grumble, grrrrr, grrrr.....does anything work out like it is suppose to?! Darn tractor( still cute but still broke down) , darn truck- thermostat went out of it. Mustang that I rarely drive, sits in the shed all pretty like- flat tire, dead battery when I finally do decide to take it out for a spring fling. Disgruntled customers, IRS, heartless bastard attorneys, oops...kind of sorry for saying that, but not really...

I mean truly- what's a good hearted woman to do but grow gray hair and grin & bear it?!

Ahhhh, you had to know this was coming. What is the surest way to bring me around, make me jump with ecstasy and dance for joy??!! The mother of all best things in the world- the little marvels of mysterious wonder have arrived!!!

First mushroom of 2009- in the bag.

Pretty good camouflage and the old gray mare, she ain't what she use to see!

Small mess and bag of stinging nettle for a good blood elixir.

(Go here for more of my mushroom lingo and terminology...)

Ahhhh...sitting by the pond and wonderin' what I was all keyed up about.

Wandering back to the farm under the big evening sky of April in Illinois.


bam said...

your pond and your sky just delivered me to a heavenly plot here amid my total and complete exhaustion. mmmm. i can taste those 'shrooms. how come i bet you fry em up reaaaaalllllllllllllllll good. you think they have em in maine? should we get you a maineshroom map?

Jane said...

That pond is beautiful - what a great place to relax!


Anonymous said...

I think grandpa will be on the hunt this week. He's holding out for the good ones :)

Love, Rhi

troutbirder said...

Nature is still the best tonic.

Sarah said...

You really should be a photographer. I'd love to have some of your snap shots hanging in my house. I could plaster my walls with them. I'm serious, lady, you've got quite a knack. A woman of innumerable talents, you.

truewonder said...

Thank ya there miss Sarah...I am a photographer, I just don't sell. I have been traipsing through the woods since I was young, camera in hand. Everything I see, am aware of- speaks to me of a fabulous discovery worthy of the frame up for a memory worth keeping, that's all. And I'm just one lucky gal to notice the beauty, that's scripture there in the sky to me...
And I'm having an awful hard time finding about the shrooms in Maine, seems they're few and far between, which makes me think that every year round this time, I'll be heading back to my favorite patch here. Not even an ocean of wonders stacks up to my morels.
Thanks ya all.