Saturday, November 21, 2009

and the soup.

Good morning!

My journey was a looooonnnnggg one...traveling with two giddy Labs and one little nervous terrier made for many stops, pee breaks and wrestling Gideon to the ground when she slipped her collar somewhere in upstate New York and tried to make a break for it, midst semis and oncoming traffic. Then in Oneida, an Indian woman who had a fight with her husband, decided it best to spend the night in the hotel parking lot, next to my pickup- with her jalopy running at full throttle sans a muffler. "Let the howling begin"- (Gracie woofed to Gideon), and so the police were called and I was almost evicted because my dogs were causing a ruckus. I explained to the authorities that perhaps if the non-paying guest would just shut her vehicle down and stop raising hell, all would be well. Thank goodness, that is what eventually happened. Peacefully finally at rest, the girls laid back down in their camper home and slept....ahhhhh, as did I.

One other incident bears recalling...Lake Eerie, it's blue boldness all along the turnpike- called to me, "Get off the turnpike, come to the water's edge, you must!" And so I did. For about two hours I exited via Route 5, all along the long lake's shoreline and exclaimed silently to myself-"This is utterly beautiful and vast, like the ocean! Somewhere I will stop and let these girls look at a real lake!"
The girls, Gideon and Gracie- did not find the enormity of the lake and white capped waves comforting. Matter of fact- they were terrified and would not dare step hide nor hair of their great paws into the watery edge. Miss Etta on the other hand- chased the tide, in and out- snapping and barking gleefully with her new found friend, Lake Eerie. Oh, and I stopped in a little hub for lunch and enjoyed thee most delectable soup my taste buds ever had the glorious pleasure to encounter- a steaming bowl of Butternut Squash with apples soup. My oh my, heaven in a bowl. The waitress, who must have had long days and little appreciation for her toll tending to customers- was dry at first, muffled almost. But! I found a crack in her solemn shell, and out came the sweetest soul thus far I had encountered on my trip. I remember she had a long red braid falling just to the center of her back and loose, untamed hairs tucked behind her ears in such a way that seemed as if she might not be able tolerate one more wild hair, with the exception of her newest She and I talked, me mostly...but the questions I asked her were just enough to get her juices flowing, oh how she melted. To be appreciated, I do believe- was a gift she had not encountered yet that day. I left her a tip, a simple act to show that one good egg might make up for all the hard boiled others in her day- and this sweetheart came out to my truck and actually tried to give it back to me. She said it was too much- I smiled and said it was my joy, that she was kind, that I had been traveling a great deal and her kindness had made my day, well that, and the soup. We both laughed, wishing each other well.

This morning found me waiting on the thin red line to appear over the Pocomoonshine mountain, the Big Fish said that is how the sun rises North East Maine, right over the rail of my Maine. I Maine. I Maine and exclaim to myself, no longer silently but triumphantly...I Live In Maine! To think that after all this time of longing and loving a little farm for 18 years, that I might find love the land, in the journey. Oh I have...oh I do...I want to live in Maine- living is large and lovely and magnificent and wonder-full.

More on the journey...when I get my laptop hooked up. I'm sitting in on the BF's computer...and may I add that the Big Fish greeted me with a sign hung proudly and prominently off the second story of his home, big as a bed sheet, painted with love. Can you imagine? Now I know why that sweet red haired lady cracked and appreciation kind of wraps you up and gets you glowing and warm like a flame in a wood burner. Speaking of to split some.

Take care-


Audrey said...

Live on my girl, I am so very happy for you. Will call you a week from Monday. It is Eva's birthday and Lori, Judy and I are taking her to the Alamo in Sp.You my sweet girl will be sorely missed, but we will "Raise our hands, feel our power" get up get on up, with you in mind.
Love you and miss you very much
Ms Hopefire

Anonymous said...

So happy you made it safe and sound. Maine is blessed to have you while Illinois has lost another treasure. We enjoy your blog so make sure you keep posting, posting, posting - now more than ever since we won't bump into you at the BluCat or Wild Hare or any other animal-named, lovely restaurants here in the Heartland. Love, The Case-A-Beers

Jayne said...

What a journey! So glad you arrived where your heart now resides, and can't wait to hear about all the adventures waiting for you in your new home state!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you made it!! I thought of you yesterday -- wondered if you were able to leave the labs with the farm. I guess not. Which is a good thing for them. . . they would have missed you terribly.
Last weekend I went to HOuston TX for a leadership "bootcamp". It was the toughtest thing I've ever done emotionally and physically.
I thought of you often (again). NOt because of the toughness but because of the lessons that we were taught. We were worked on removing the barriers to our success. The whole weekend we were told to live in the moment. LIfe is not a dress rehearsal. YOu only get one of them, when this life is gone you don't get to do it again. When you are in your casket you want people to say "she looks tired, she gave it all she had!". I must say, you will get that from me if you should go before me, because you do give it all you have, you do live for each and every moment. YOu know this life is not a dress rehearsal, so if you make a mistake, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and you get the OPPORTUNITY to do it again. And by cracky girl, you take every OPPORTUNITY to do it again, with gusto!!!! I have promised myself that I will capture each and every moment and make them memories. But I wanted you to know that I am so proud of you for doing just that. Thank you for writing about those moments so that we can all share in your memories of your life. Thank you so very much! Love Kim W.

truewonder said...

Oh man, you all are brilliant and oh so kind and proud sure means a whole lot to have the support of such good people. Thing is, here in good Maine...folks aren't quite so open, I smile they just look at me. I say hello, and still they look at me. Hard on a friendly sort but! A man did tell me I was first visit to the ocean side Saturday with the Big Fish and from the shore, saw another really big fish...MY FIRST WHALE SIGHTING!!! and if that was not enough I found a piece of sea glass 3" inches in diameter, round and softened by the sea of all it's rough edges. I'm hooked...line and sinker. More soon....Kim W., have I told you lately that I love you?! And Case-A-Beers, my favorite farmer types, yay and thank you... Live on indeed.

troutbirder said...

Wonderful. You got attitude and I really like it. I'm sure Maine is gonna be great!

Anonymous said...

So now you know the inspiration is the land doesnt have to be where you grew up or where you were its where you find it. I've found it at friends farm in mississippi dove hunting, here at home and the high plains of wyoming. We all have our favorites and that is good. Got a buck this weekend during 1st firearm season.
Hope to hear more tales tall or not.


Anonymous said...

I was SO excited to see a new post...from Maine, b/c you Maine!! I'm happy that you've made it safe and sound. Keep telling us about your journey. It's only just beginning. Here's a scary tidbit from Illinois, I got grandpa his first cell phone this weekend :)
Love, Rhi

bam said...

welcome home, darlin. your journey is classic true, full of serendipity and wonder and finding the cracks in hard shells...i am sending Gigantic HUGS....i love the bedsheet sign, can't wait to backread and get the drumrolls leading up to the big drive. i know some wonderful someones down portland way (not sure how far you are...) and they are worth meeting.i'll have them ring you up for a proper welcome.....holy cow. i can't believe it....

ConsciouslyFrugal said...

So, *that's* where you've been! So glad to see you've landed safely. Enjoy the blooming. :)