Monday, November 9, 2009

The Way We Get By

The Way We Get By - Click to Watch the Trailer

I wanted to get this on site, I feel it is well worth the attention. Perhaps on Veteran's Day, as I plan to do-you might consider watching this program. It will be nation wide on Wednesday on your favorite PBS station, beginning 9:00 PM Eastern Time and here in the central time zone at 8:00 PM.
This is an outstanding film about outstanding individuals giving our men and women in uniform encouragement in the form of meeting the plane at the Bangor Maine Airport, for every arrival and departure of soldiers. These folks have come together for five years, no matter the inclement weather- at any hour to remind our soldiers they are indeed welcomed, loved, appreciated and deeply valued for their service.
Semper Fidelis.

I will be unhooking the ol' computer on Thursday, so I will try to come on here one more time before the big trip and lay bare the story, the final leg, the move and everything that matters in between. Love and kindness, take care-


Jayne said...

Thank you SO much for pointing this wonderful documentary out. I'd not heard about it, but will definitely watch and record.
Blessings to you on your journey dear friend.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing idea for our soldiers!!

I just hate it that I probably won't make it up for one more visit. I'm a little teary eyed seeing that you'll unhook the computer soon. Love you, Rhi

Anonymous said...

God speed on your journey. Be careful and dont take any wooden nickels.


truewonder said...

Don't cry, watch the doc, and geez RD...that reminds me of Monty Python's HOly Grail when they try to throw the still alive old man into the "dead" cart.
I'm still can't say adios yet, you might just have to give me hug here soon.
And what's a wooden nickel or two? Fire wood!

Anonymous said...

May the hackberry bow before you, may the Illinois winds caress your soul, may the fiery sunrises and sunsets be forever etched on your mind, your love there will never be matched or replaced, your love is the Beauregard Farm,and will never be left behind.You are the stately hackberry, you are the winds that blow,you are the sunrises and sunsets,and the grasses as they sway to and fro.You are in itself Life and Love,your legacy will forever remain, and love will flow from the land,and touch all who set foot there. Leave not in sorrow my love but in PRIDE,and know i am so very proud of sweet country girl. love you KEN