Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I almost didn't catch is my anniversary. Number 214, this post is...started the blog thing back in 2007 with Chainsaw Reaction. Couldn't help but traipse backwards through all the "writing" and the pictures. Heck- I even realized a bit of wisdom in all those volatile thoughts- some quite original. Bam!!! That's why I started writing a blog. Some folks say it like it's a dirty word- Bl#!*%g. I say it proud-BLOG! Blogging permitted me to open up, to see inside, to reflect, to inspire, to be inspired- and each and everyone of you- responsible.

That's a good thing.

I am in unfamiliar territory now. Everywhere I look, I see beauty yes...but all is so foreign to these eyes, I don't quite yet- speak the language. Fearfully I wonder if I ever will...but fear and wonder should never go hand in hand, wonder is an opening- not a closed fortress such as fear. So- these words I write from here on out need to be strong and brave and full of wonder...God help me. Amen.

Go ahead, make my day...

Now, should a single soul here on the net comment on how they make the best out of the really scary stuff, even through blurred vision- I, being a truewonder and all, will gladly give to the charity of their choice-
in honor of the anniversary of True Calling
Because it would sure do me good to do you good- Let Me Help.

Let's count our blessings together, you and I.

Let's add up all the wonders, extract all the sorrows, stack them all up together against another soul's journey who can't quite make ends meet and send them 214 blessings.

(And your reflection as to why this group or individual speaks to your soul, calling for our attention.)
Please include a link or email to the group or individual so that I may pay it forward. (Or simply email me when called upon to do so through the comment thingy...)

How will I choose a winner?! My heart will tell me so...if yours speaks straight to it.

Take care-

***And should the equation get out of hand...perhaps others will take it upon themselves to fund a true calling- a plea for a bit of mercy and will pay it forward too.


Anonymous said...

Here is my pay it forward :) For the last five years I take a name off the Senior Angel Tree at the YMCA. I shamelessly try to get all my friends to do this also with the tagline, "People always remember the kids who don't have anything for Christmas, lets not forget the elderly who don't have ANYONE for Christmas." Being someone who was practically raised by grandparents and great-grandparents I have a soft spot for older people. They took such good care of me when I was younger, I need a way to pay them all back now. And when you take the time to sit down and visit with them, you learn more than you could ever hope for.

So I hope everyone will seek out Senior Angel Trees in their communities.

Love, Rhi

Jayne said...

Here is is for me and what I clung to when faced with Sam's autism diagnosis:

"When you have come to the edge of all that you know,
And are about to step off into the darkness,
FAITH is knowing one of two things will happen;
You will find something solid on which to land,
Or, you will be taught to fly."

It's never in my control. It never was. It will just "be" and all WILL be well. Trust that.

Seeing as how my friend Colleen's sweet princess is in remission from a horrid brain tumor, I'd say St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is a worthy cause as they treat any child, regardless of their ability to pay.

truewonder said...

I knew I could count on you folks to jiggle the heart strings attatched to the purse strings...and "taught to fly." is something I needed to hear this morning, thank you.

And Rhi, I'm so proud of you and the wonderful woman you have become- Lou is smiling, I feel it. She raised me too, you know- always up. Take care-

truewonder said...

Thought I'd relay what I've decided to do with the 214...part of it I'm donating to St. Judes in honor of Jayne's friend, Colleen's "sweet princess" and part of it will go to a local family who just recently lost everything in a fire. There is a benefit Friday here and I'll deposit 114 there...I'll not post to the blog again until I can get my pics up, waiting on a to all.
take care-

bam said...

oh, dear true, the only cause i'm backin here is the beauty of you, i just wanna stand and marvel at you and the words you've poured here, and the poetry in pictures, and the wisdom and the grace, and the courage. you goshdarn moved across the country, sold the farm, whole shebang...and i marvel at your blurry-eyed trembling, the not yet feeling like you're anything but foreign. you are my professor at the university of life. i send love, i send standing ovation. i think the worldwide of you.
love, bam