Tuesday, June 22, 2010

he's no solstice sister

 The Big Fish 
instructing me where to put my camera....

Good day...my solstice celebration last evening did not go at all as planned.  Candles were burning, a blaze was reaching bonfire height, favorite foods were created and my party of one just didn't do much for the gathering- I suppose a gathering is more than one participant.  The dogs were there, does that count?

 The Big Fish, whom I dearly love- is not of a feminine persuasion so he pretty much thinks it's all hooey, these celebrations.  He doesn't say so...but I can tell when something is tolerated or when one feels obligated, either way- not a good mix.  So- he watched television and I watched flames...  out of the corner of my eye I caught glimpses of gold in the sky followed by a neon like glitter piercing through the inky night, and presently I became present.  I jumped up and raced towards the twinkling gold, never could I catch one, but still...it's tiny little glowing light was enough to make me remember why I love the solstice so...it's all about light, letting it in- being thankful; even for the man upstairs who'd rather watch television than catch lightening bugs.  He generally is game for all and anything...or maybe the honeymoon is finally over.

  That'd be alright too...I found out quite by accident- the Big Fish cleans house when he's mad- he scrubs and sweeps and tears the stove apart scouring.   Imagine my delight last week when I wandered in and found the house sparkling!

 "It's beautiful, what ever possessed you dear man?!"

He actually scowled at me.  And growled too.  I searched my self and tried to reassert my self....I am woman hear me... tread lightly-

"What's that?  You're angry?  What for?!"  

No offense fellas, but when you guys get mad- what the heck language is that you're trying to speak???  Ken's came out in single-syllable-sword-like-words that closely resembled a Bull Dog trying to speak English for the first time.  I never truly found out exactly what was up his crawl, but...I can tell you the after affect of his mood swing was better than vodka lemonade...and I aim on making him mad more often.  He even cleaned the toilets...is this the man for me or what?!!!  God -I love him more today than ever!!!....even if he's no solstice sister.

Take care-


Audrey said...

Ours was wonderful. Incomplete in that we so missed you. Within the words of your blog are the reasons we often times just had the girls. We have expanded our little group to include RD,Mikey, Mark and any one else who "gets it" (I think their true motivation had something to do with beer drinking}.
As long as you believe and I know you do,its all good.
Can't wait to see my girl, we might have to have a delayed solstice lol
Love you

Jane said...

He doesn't look very happy in this picture, but hey, if he cleans the house..... !


truewonder said...

Miss Jane, you are correct...not a happy moment for him, he was working intently at raking the rocks out of the garden (they grow and multiply by infinite numbers...)and wasn't too keen on me taking pictures of his efforts. He muttered something right when I snapped the photo about cameras and somewhere where the sun don't shine kind of thing. But yes, a house cleaning maniac he is. Ha.