Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Forever True

A whole lot can come from nothing,
I was living proof.
You're doing good if you got yourself
Four walls and a roof.

If you give up the time, your soul will play the song...
Do what you feel is right
And don't do nobody wrong.
Don't pay no mind to critics-
They'll say what they'll say,
You need to care more about your work
Than you do about your pay.

Be careful where you tread-
'Cause you'll always leave some tracks,
But if you take some wrong roads
Ain't no sense in looking back.

Watch the name you live up to
You might have to live it down-
'Cause once you start to fly,
It's hard to see the ground.

Don't let anyone tell you
Who you are or what you'll be,
Be your own man
And live your life accordingly.

Don't burn all your bridges
you might have to cross them again.
Make sure you know the people
and the crowd you're hanging in.

Anything worth doing-
Is worth doing right,
Including causing trouble
And picking out your fights-

There are only two things for sure-
One is life and one is death...
Make your dreams come true,
And You decide the rest.
(BGR 2003)

( Beau  7-14-82~7-26-03 "over there" .  Semper Fidelis...)

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