Friday, January 25, 2008

contrary moments, certainly

"Isn't it the moment of most profound doubt that gives birth to new certainties? Perhaps hopelessness is the very soil that nourishes human hope; perhaps one could never find sense in life without first experiencing its absurdity..."

Good morning,

Rooster crowing out back, moon glowing-sun trying to overcome the horizon. Moon yields eventually to sun's new day...

..."As for the moon- too early she rises
in a golden way hypnotizing me, early yawns follow-
triumphantly she glows

When sun and moon together compress the day between horizons of awe and wonder-
daylight beaten, I surrender..."

And this wonderful occurence happens every day, whether we are aware or not- up she comes and down he goes, or vice versa. I need to be more aware, more minute by minute-my mind sometimes runs in circles, getting my back up...silly, really. Absurdities of life making me listen when all I want to do is turn the music up...louder. To drown out blunders and thunderous blah from legal folks-too many twists for this simple mind, and the language spoken by such tongues...huh? If I could have but one wish granted today, a selfish one I suppose...say what you mean, what the hell are you trying to say? Speaka da english, not the jargin that costs hundreds of dollars an hour...geez! (Ol'true is getting a little fed up these days with politicians, attorneys, insurance companies and liars.) simple mind translates what my heart will not bear- stack up all the absurdities against that sunrise, the very one coming up at this this not a brand new beautiful day? And my heart says, "OH Yes!"
Experiencing absurdity does not mean one has to keep it, roll with it, or even carry it all that far. So- I'll leave it to the moon, down she she turns it into a fabulous show again this evening. Hopelessness into hope-sun and moon together and everything in between. Yep. Yes.

Go Ahead, Make My Day
(...though do pray if you please, that true here does not lose her temper, lose her composure, because my friends, I am due...and those who tempt me with more absurdity might just get more than they bargained for from a generally kind, nice lady who is getting filled up to the gills with it.)
Thanks. Be kind, take care-


Piercing The Veil said...

hi true ... your post today is filled with anger ...

the pain of one is not meant for the others to taste ... what is bad for one is to let a friend taste his or her own pain done by those who dispised him or her ...

to not leave a friend in the dark ... and ambiguities ... that the other is not aware of ... is the thing the other should do ....

... put a counter so that you know who are these coming into your backyard and eat up some of your chickens and cut off your trees

i remain
have a good day

a true friend said...

bless the rising of that sun. and the faith i've got in you, and that good, as the sun, will triumph over dark. whoever stands in the way of sun will be burned, non?

art-of-facts said...

Once again, in True's form, an entry made in blatant honesty. The struggle to rise above the tarnishers of the day, albeit gruelling at times, is ever successful in you. Simple science fact - Nothing burns hotter than that glorious sun - it'll weather their skin right up - know when to duck . . .