Friday, January 11, 2008

Seeds of In Difference

While I am fully aware that I certainly do not have all the answers - that people will always have comfort zones they will not want crossed, I will most likely end up crossing some of them when internally prompted to do so because while I will forever risk moments of loneliness from doing so, I will do so because I walk in truth . . . because I have integrity . . . and because I am a friend . . . .

The above quote was heaven sent, flew into my lap this morning, and perched there like a bird. The writer of that quote, I know deeply-and yet, I have never met her. She flew into my life via a newspaper article and had to respond. Her strength amazed me, her guidance through eventually a cell phone conversation revived me, a restoration, an inkling of trust in me again- for outsiders. I know I lay much out here daily-some might feel too much, those comfortable zone types-but truly, I am so much an insider, a loner. I go out and shine when I need to, when perhaps others need me to-I am a loving person, I overflow with love-a verb, not a noun. (Thanks Eric)I plant the stuff like seeds, water everybody that I meet with it-created like that I think-a drought lifter.

There are too many folks in this world as it is
Whose hearts lay dormant in a pain filled abyss
Who am I to rage against them?

And believe me, it's hard stuff to rise and shine for folks who would rather lay around and whine-but I'm just so sick and tired of apathetic attitudes, that I reach in, feel around for their switches, and turn them on. Not so much for them- for me. For us. Dark is good for mushrooms and rest-but for living and loving, I for one need the light. I can hold up my little match of light to just about any darkness-Because I did dwell there, explored almost all of it-had to. And then I crept out into the light, again-had to.

...I will paint in remembrance
and portray him in frameless pictures
large as life vivid as the sun
long as the sky
and dark as the darkest canyon
that I hope I never fully explore-

He wouldn't want that-
Save Joy

He would say.

In a round about way, I got here today-didn't think I had much on my mind worth sharing-guess my spirit felt otherwise. It's that love-verb thing, makes a person want to fly off in unsafe distances-breaking the barrier of confining comfort zones.
Feather's flying! Take care-


bam said...

truest can't help but pour poetry, pour love seeds, like some scatterer along the farm rows of your life. ain't no dark too dark for me, that's one vote. your image of reaching in and groping for the switches is powerful. i think some of us are propelled to speak because we can't contain what's inside. and then we pull inside to let the next bits incubate, percolate, and spill back to the surface. it would be a sin for all the beauty inside you, all the shining glory, to be kept in the dark. it would be impossible too. like trying to put the sunshine under a bushel basket. can't be done. your writing is powerful and mighty. and always always lives up to its name---true. true wonder......

Piercing The Veil said...

nice to define love a verb not a noun .... that struck me ... many of us tend to think of it as that and define love in so many words and yet we can never understand love without knowing it to be a verb....

thanks for dropping by .... hope to seek for your words again my friend ....

Jan Doble said...

thanks for your tattoo comment!

art-of-facts said...

It is a little comforting when someone shares that you might not have made a mistake afterall with a post . . . thank you, loving heart. I am modivated by this action verb as well - so many of us tender hearts are as it is often through the pain of purposed walk that keep our hearts pliable. "Dear Lord - break my heart daily so that it will not harden from dormacies". It wells up in me . . . it is often not a choice to eventually share.