Wednesday, January 16, 2008

divvy up that pie

Good starry Morning-

Went to a showing of the documentary KING CORN last night. Pretty interesting, well done film. These two young guys buy an acre in Iowa and proceed to plant and grow corn and follow it into the food system. Sharply written, cinematography was simply beautiful. The points hit upon were done with a great deal of respect, educational in a way that did not shove anything down the viewers throat-left wide open enough for thought, forming one's own opinions. And the humor, chuckle, chuckle, smile big! Pretty cool. I think my teens, if I could have convinced them to go- would have even appreciated it.
I also appreciated the different subjects in the film's views- local yocals with more going on inside than first impressions, their quotes-the way they live their lives and how open they were to those fellow's queries was a pleasant surprise. Even some of the policy makers opened their hearts before their tongues got in the way. Impressive. I especially liked their treatment of Earl Butts, as they visited him later on in his life, dressed in suits and ties. Mr. Butts was wise beyond their years, and they yielded respectfully to his hindsights. The subsidies argument, beginning back in the 70's- made more sense to me in how it was implemented. To put the farmers back in business, it was urged "Grow your operation!" So the new philosophy "The more you grow-the more your dough" was conceived and like all good things- the honest farmer did his best for his country and his family-to make it work, but then the pie looming large for the greedy guys- they took more pieces, gobbled them up and wanted more more more... so the good thing that began the movement became a not so good thing for everyone, and though it has not come to a certain end-it sure could use some revamping, and is in need of a fair overhaul. But I guess that is why God made politicians, you know-to divvy up that pie fairly....
One fellow, perhaps a policy maker(I was taking these notes in the dark) stated, "we subsidize Happy Meals-But we don't subsidize the healthy ones." Had to be thankful for that, an honest answer. I don't know, I guess if I had wings to fly and a microphone in front of my face and got to stand there back in the 70's and ask the policy makers just one question, mine would have been-"Gentlemen, is this policy for a common good or for a $olemn one?" Just my thoughts as I watched the film.
Well done film makers, truly. Take care-

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